format and re-install of win me am i right?

  frior-one 10:42 18 Aug 2003

a friend has asked me to sort out her pc. it is well and truly screwed-up. (her step daughter has been using kaza with no anti-virus or firewall). the best thing is to start again, she does not have any data that need keeping. i used the search before posting here and found a thread that matched what i want but i just wanted confirmation that i understood it correctly. she has all the driver disks and a full installation disk (not a recovery disk).

1. boot from start up floppy.
2. get to the a: prompt.
3. type format c:
4. re-boot from floppy.
5. select "cd-rom support"
6. enter cd drive number.
7. typ setup.
8. follow instructions.

Is that all there is to it?

  -pops- 10:52 18 Aug 2003

If you have a full ME disk, you should also have the manual. Details for an install are in there starting at page 39.

Before you do anything at all, make sure you have the 25 digits and letters Product Key otherwise, you're in schtook.

  frior-one 11:00 18 Aug 2003

the disk i have is the one "for distribution with a new pc" i do have the product key. the manaul that came with it is the quick start guide. it only explains about doing an upgrade.

  leo49 11:03 18 Aug 2003

click here

The above is a bit more helpful.


  frior-one 11:07 18 Aug 2003

thanks for that, i found that from google. but do i need to partition the drive like it says? the user will not want to do anything cleaver like duel boots etc.?

  leo49 11:13 18 Aug 2003

Sorry - on the page I thought I posted there's no mention of partitions just a straight confirmation of the format and install procedure along the lines you originally outlined.[On second reading you must be referring to the links - ignore that and just do the straight install starting from Let's Begin.....].


  frior-one 11:37 18 Aug 2003

many thanks guys for your replies / help.
leo49 i understand now. easy when you know how...!

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