Format and Re-Install

  blue_cafe 20:02 22 Sep 2003

Should I format my hard drive before I re-install XP Home or just install it over-the-top?

Cheers guys.........Neil.

  DieSse 20:11 22 Sep 2003

It depends what you are trying to acheive.

If you want a brand new, clean as possible installation - then reformatting is the best way to do that.

If you simply want to repair an installation, retaining data, settings and programs from before - then do a Repair installation

  Brian-336451 20:15 22 Sep 2003

I believe equals 'install it over the top', I regularly do that if I fiddle and stop something working.

Personally (really just an excuse to fiddle) every six months or so I reformat my OS partition and reinstall software.

Its amazing how well it runs when all the rubbish has been cleared out!

  blue_cafe 20:18 22 Sep 2003

Thanks DieSse..... I've backed-up all my data but I've messed with the Registry and a few web pages wont open, hotmail won't load, link don't activate, so it doesn't matter to me to re-install..... I was just wondering wheather I should format first or just put the disc in and re-install XP...?

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