Format Problems - Windows ME

  Cahul 16:14 17 Nov 2003

Ater using fdisk, format, and reinstalling Windows ME on my 120GB disk I found two problems:
1.Belarc shows disk size as 12.34GB usable capacity and 11.77GB free space.Where is the rest?
2.System won't accept the Belinea 10 60 80 SVGA driver and insists on installing the Standard VGA 640x480 resolution offered by Windows.(Monitor works perfectly on my other computer) I can't change either colour or resolution in the Display Poperties.
These faults are clearly related but I have no idea how. Any help would be much appreciated.


  ©®@$? 16:19 17 Nov 2003

for some readon fdisk was only showing me 80gb hardrives as 12.34GB , so there has to be something in your problem

the partition you created must only of been noticed as 12.34gb

the way i got around it was that i downloaded an windows Me bootdisk from click here

and created a partition with fdisk and it recognized the 80gb hardrive and formatted it, but when it formatted it,it only recognized 12.34GB when it was formatting, so i continued with the format and when it finished and i installed windows it recognized the 80gb hardrive

my advice to you would be to use a windows ME bootdisk (not 98) and partition with fdisk make sure it recognizes the 120gb when you create the partition it should, then once that is created format it..

or maybe just boot of the windows cd

  alcudia 16:26 17 Nov 2003

The version of fdisk on a win98 startup floppy has a maximum size. I think it's 80gb. If it finds a larger drive it subtracts it's maximum from the total drive size and displays the difference. I think this is why you have these sizes. As suggested use a Me disc. The version of fdisk on that supports larger drives.

Or better still, if you know the make of your drive, try the makers web site for a setup utility. I did this with my Seagate. Set up and formatted in less than 20 seconds.

  pj123 16:30 17 Nov 2003

You need a later version of fdisk. Go here and download a bootdisk for your Operating System then try again. click here

  Cahul 02:12 18 Nov 2003

Thank you all for your advice as a result of which I have successfully recovered my missing megabytes! However, my PC still won't accept the proper driver for the Monitor. Perhaps the two problems were not related after all, but I have tested it again on my other system and it works perfectly.
Any more ideas on the problem?


  alcudia 08:24 18 Nov 2003

It won't be the monitor, but the graphics card, that has the missing drivers. Do you know what make it is? Any monitor should work without loading anything. That is why it appears ok on the other machine.

Sorry, just seen it's a Belinea. You can download new drivers from here click here but they only seem to be for Win95/98, which is probably why you have a problem with them. Best bet would be to get a new card, the smaller, older ones are now very cheap.

  ©®@$? 09:15 18 Nov 2003

yeah you need to install the graphics drivers..have you got a disk that came with the computer?

if you tell us what graphics card you have, we'll see if we can find a driver for you

  alcudia 09:55 18 Nov 2003

It seems the graphics are from belinea, which means they are probably on the motherboard, and not a separate card.

These will need to be disabled first. I have already looked for a driver on the belinea site and there doesn't seem to be one for Me.

I don't know if driverguide or similar will have one.

What we don't know is whether this machine was running Me before the format was done. If it was formatted to install Me instead of '98, there is probably no way the on board graphics will work if belinea do not provide a driver. The only option(if I am right) is a new (probably pci) card.

  DieSse 11:17 18 Nov 2003

You don't need a monitor driver - it'll work fine without one. What you do need is a graphics driver.

If you don't know what graphics system is in your computer, download AIDA32 click here and it'll tell you (and lots more bsides).

Then you have to find the driver on the web, download and install it. If you need help with this tell us when you know what graphics you have.

  Cahul 15:46 18 Nov 2003

Spurred on by your comments indicating that this was not a Monitor problem I dug out a ATI Radeon disc from my old machine and tried that, and this instantly transformed the scene.

Thank you all very much for solving my problems so speedily.


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