Format out WXP from PC & restart ?

  immer 23:58 17 Sep 2004

I put WXP & service pack2 on my [email protected] system & it just about ground to a halt.So I reverted to W98. As I also wanted a DVD RW etc I got a new PC at modern specs made up. My WXP system won't register as they say it's with my old system. Is there anyone to appeal to? Also my new system I set up as Fat2 with view to network with old PC. Now however want to reformat newPC & start again but the old DOS way I did it on W98 wont work. How can I reformat new PC Disc please to clear unwanted partition.

  woodt 00:15 18 Sep 2004

Pretty sure that when installing XP one of the options is to reformat the disc.

  Danoh 00:40 18 Sep 2004

Installing XP on your new PC with XP will come up with an option to select NTFS or FAT32 ~ I think NTFS is better for hard disk with todays sizes which are quite a bit more than the limit of circa 2 Gb when modern specs are more like around 60Gb or more.

Search this forum for quite a few threads on networking 98 to XP (rather than the 98 machine first). I don't recall there being any issues of networking a 98 PC to an XP system.

  Danoh 01:00 18 Sep 2004

Your first XP installation on the P3-500 old system will have hardware configuration details of that system sent through and logged by MS' Product Activation software onto MS's registration system.

I presume your copy of XP is a full retail model and not OEM supplied with you P3-500 system. If your new system does not have XO pre-loaded, you can then contact MS and tell them what has happened so they could unlock your registration which will allow you to install XP and re-register that new PC's hardware configuration.

  temp003 04:53 18 Sep 2004

On the new system just boot up computer with the XP CD inserted. When you get to XP Setup welcome screen, press Enter to enter Setup, F8 to accept agreement, ESC to install fresh copy. When asked to to install XP, highlight C partition, press Enter. When warned there's already existing Windows, just confirm you want to proceed. You will then be given formatting options. Choose format with NTFS. Files will be copied to hard disk, after which computer needs to restart. Leave CD in, let computer restart, but this time, do NOT boot from CD, let computer boot itself from hard disk, and follow through the installation.

When you network an XP computer with a 98 computer, file system does not play a part as the communication between the 2 computers uses a different trnasfer protocol. So you can still use NTFS on the XP computer.

As Danoh says, if you run into difficulties activating XP on the new system, just give MS a call and explain what you have done - that you are only using one copy of XP.

You could convert the new system from FAT32 to NTFS without reformatting, but actually reformatting is better

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