To format, or not to format.....

  AngeTheHippy 17:32 08 Sep 2004

Hi chaps, I've used both win 95 and win 98 before XP, and in both cases, after a while, this could be a year or so, everything seems to slow down - regardless of the fact that I defrag and generally clean up my HDD from time to time. Now, the same seems to be happening with XP. I thought to reformat was a bit harsh, but twice in the past 3 months, on discussing the probs with 2 s/w engineers, both seemed to think it highly necessary to format every so often - after doing full back up of course. Can I have your thoughts on this please? I'm still a little wary of taking this action.


  stalion 17:41 08 Sep 2004

a format should not be necessary unless you are having problems that can not be sorted.Regards

  wallbash 17:45 08 Sep 2004

If you take care , all the back ups, all the software at hand, Do it! As I have the time , and have done the 'dirty' deed often , No worries and no problems! Seem to Format every three months or so. Mainly because im a succer for installing any software that passes near the computer. Clean install , everything works well.

Then I fiddle with it , and I find a bit of software on a cover disc, and soon .........

  AngeTheHippy 17:50 08 Sep 2004

sounds too familiar I'm afraid!!!!! Must say though, the engineer DID tell me to ensure I had SP1 on CD and NOT to install SP2.... I wonder why??

Hi Stalion, as I said, these probs seem to be getting worse - all is slowing down, and my HDD isn't exactly full either - 9.80Gb used space, 101Gb free. When I close an App, all my icons on screen disappear, only for a second or 2, the re-appear. It's niggly little things like this. On opening FireFox for example, it used to be almost instant - now it can take 6-8 seconds before opening.


  stalion 21:09 08 Sep 2004

have you got and ran adaware different malaware etc can slow things down

  Blartfast 21:29 08 Sep 2004

I reformatted after nearly 2 years. No probs reinstalling and the speed increase was very impressive - Go for it!

  stalion 21:54 08 Sep 2004

also have a look in speakers corner under heading
"formatting is for wimps"

  wallbash 22:18 08 Sep 2004

Just posted on Speakers corner

wimp..... signing off

  VoG II 22:29 08 Sep 2004

IMHO you should not need to reformat unless your problems are terminal.

Unfortunately, for "IT professionals" this is the fastest way out and thus they do it with monotonous regularity and totally unnecessarily.

  stalion 22:33 08 Sep 2004

that's a long time for a format lol

  Androcles 23:47 08 Sep 2004

Vog,is right,I,ve been on both sides,hard and soft,read that as you will,lol.Time for these people is money,and most of them couldn't sort out a software problem for you without a reformat.Just imagine a leccy who replaces the whole wiring because of a blown fuse? Or a plumber who....but you get the picture?Stick with it,sort it yourself,with a little help from your friends,and you'll learn a lot more.Regards.

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