format ntfs harddisk

  dugem2003 03:44 25 Jul 2004

i want to format a harddisk in a laptop that the O/S was Xp Pro, i deleted the partition, when i startup with a floppy disk from win98, i got A> (floppy disk), D> (cd rom) but i do not get C> (harddisk)it said invalid directory. I saw the harddisk at BIOS (by press F10 when start up). Is it because the startup floppy from win98 do not recognise NTFS system? Can anybody help me with this problem? - thanks

  pc moron 07:02 25 Jul 2004

Your Startup disk (DOS) can't "see" an NTFS partition.

If you have a Restore CD, or a Win XP CD, then put the CD in and boot from that instead, and follow the instructions.

If that doesn't work then boot from the floppy and navigate to D:/I386/WINNT.EXE and run that to begin the install- assuming your CD is "D:".

  hillybilly 07:13 25 Jul 2004

Good morning! agree with your post, but why is this guy reformatting in the first place?

  pc moron 07:56 25 Jul 2004

Good morning to you hillybilly.

Don't know why dugem2003 wants to format- that's up to him/her.

  Valvegrid 08:10 25 Jul 2004

I would go with pc moron's suggestion if you want to keep XP.

But if there is a reason you want to delete NTFS partitions in DOS, for instance, replacing Windows NT or 2000 with Windows 98, you need DELPART.EXE click here scroll down to the bottom of the page for delpart.exe and un-zip it to a floppy disk. Boot up with your 98 disk, at the A: prompt swap disks for the one with delpart then type delpart.exe>Return< then follow the instructions very carefully.

Use this utility wisely!

When the partition(s) have been deleted, replace the delpart floppy with the Windows floppy and use FDISK and FORMAT as usual.

  bremner 10:14 25 Jul 2004

The reason you can not see the C drive is not because it is NTFS it is because you have deleted the partition!

The drive has to have a partition before it can be formatted.

  bremner 10:23 25 Jul 2004

I should have said that what others have also said is og course correct, the W98 boot disk will also not see an NTFS partition - but your drive has no partition.

  pc moron 15:07 25 Jul 2004

Ah, well spotted bremner!

I should read more carefully.

  dugem2003 01:52 26 Jul 2004

why i want to format it? because the O/S (and the company)makes me dissapointed several times thats why i want to change the O/S with others and i want to clean everything before i start

thanks to pcmoron not to forget valvegrid, hillibilly, bremmer

  dugem2003 03:36 26 Jul 2004

Thanks 2 u all, now i can use my laptop again and start it with another o/s.
i start up the laptop with floppy from win98 and type fdisk and follow instruction from click here and then i format it.

bye now & thanks

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