Format in Nero 6

  rawprawn 18:05 30 Oct 2004

I have just got this and updated it 2 days ago to V6.6 I can't get it to format RW CD's. If I go to Data then click on Format /Prepare CD nothing happens. I can't find out why in Help and I know a lot of you guys use it. Can you help?

  ICF 18:44 30 Oct 2004

Have you selected the correct drive if you have two drives installed?

  ICF 18:47 30 Oct 2004

To erase a CD-RW in Nero click the recorder tab and then selsect erase rewritable disc.

  ICF 18:50 30 Oct 2004

Or in Nero Smartstart select Extras and Erase CD

  rawprawn 19:04 30 Oct 2004

It doesn't give me chance to select a drive, when I click on prepare/format nothing happens. Iam trying to do this in Nero Smart start, is there another way? I can get to Erase CD, but that doesn't format it for rewritting does it?

  Curio 20:56 30 Oct 2004

InCD installed?

  Bapou 21:51 30 Oct 2004

You use Erase CD to remove all files and re use the CDRW. To Format for Packet Writing then you need InCD which allows you to copy files as you would a floppy disc.

  ICF 07:13 31 Oct 2004

You don't have to format a CD-RW to put data on it.If it has data on it erase it then burn on new data.:~)

  rawprawn 08:06 31 Oct 2004

Yes, I have InCD installed but I had stopped it loading on boot up in msconfig.Bapou, thanks for the imput I have reconfigured InCd to start on boot so I think that will solve the problem. Thanks to all.

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