Format Maxtor 80Gb HDD ????

  MOMORRIS 19:14 31 Mar 2005

Well i've hit a brick wall here.
When i've fdisk'd and then formatted previous HD Drives, no probs, but!!!!
My new Maxtor 80Gig beast fdisks but just doesn't want to format. Instead i get a warning that there is no room for a swap file, and to exit. Can anyone shine any light on this prob.

Current setup:-
ASROCK K7s41 Motherboard
Maxtor 80Gb HDD
AMI Legal Bios
Processing @ 1333Mhz
FSB_SEL 2= Jumpers 2+3
FSB_SEL 1= Jumpers 2+3
FSB_SEL 0= Jumpers 2+3

Have checked IDE 0 and 1, connected correctly.
HDD = IDE 0 Master
Creatice CD Burner = IDE 1 Master

1.) Is this an incompatibility problem with the board and the chip?

2.) Or is the Bootdisk (Maxblast 4) incorrect.

3.) I've tried this prompt "a:/>c:/format" (no good either)

Much appreciated any input


  MOMORRIS 19:16 31 Mar 2005

Apologies - duplicated

  slimbo51 19:20 31 Mar 2005

Perhaps just a knackered H/Drive from new.

I have built many Comps in my time and have had 2 non working drives from new..So it does happen I'm afraid.

  dan11 20:29 31 Mar 2005

Which fdisk did you use, one of a windows 98 boot disk?

These can sometimes have problems with hard drives over 64gig, I think.

Enter fdisk again and see what size the partition/ partitions are by picking option 4. This should give you the sizes. When you started fdisk, did you pick large disk support, if not, then the size of the drive may be just 1.99 gig.

  dan11 20:30 31 Mar 2005

Sorry, I'll get my glasses. You used maxblast 4.0.

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