format a laptop with an extern monitor

  timhenning 14:41 10 May 2013


i have a laptop but i need to format it asap. is it possible to do that with an extern monitor? cause the monitor of the laptop is broken for 3/4... i dont have a cd/dvd reader so another question, can i link the laptop to another pc or something to format that way? or is it possible to format with an extern hard disk? I hope someone can help me with this. really need to format the laptop or something to get all the crap out of the system to let it work like it has to. sorry about my english, i'm dutch :-). greets and thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:32 10 May 2013

What operating system?

Do you have a Op system to install from a CD/DVD?

do you wish to install it from USB stick or USB dvd drive?

  timhenning 16:03 10 May 2013

its xp home system is medion model e1210 processor: intel(R) Atom(TM) cpu n270 @ 1.60GHz (2CPUs) 1014MB RAM

vga mobile intel(R) 945 Express Chipset Family chiptype: Intel(R) GMA950 64.0 MB

driver igxprd32.dll version: 6.14.0010.4906

i want to install from an extern hard disk or try to link to another computer if possible. I have an extern cd/dvd but it wouldn't work if it has to work :-)

greets and thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:53 10 May 2013

Probably the best thing you can do is to restore it to factory condition.

You will not need to connect a CD//dvd drive and of course all the drivers with automactically be installed

Performing the State of Delivery

  1. Power up the Netbook and immediately press the key F3 to display the recovery menu.

  2. Follow the instructions on the screen. The Netbook will restart and will return to the state at delivery

  timhenning 17:37 10 May 2013

that sounds really nice... but there where a lot of files from the laptop on the second partition of the hard disk, do i have to place them back there? i have them on cd... and it will work without a win xp? and are you sure that the recover is full automatic? thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:07 10 May 2013

Did you remove all the recovery files off the laptop?

The recovery images files should have been left alone they something like

swconf.dat, pass.rpt and a recover folder containing, Factory.pqi factory.002 etc.

if you can put them back it should work ok

  timhenning 20:02 10 May 2013

they where on the second partition of the hard disk, i didnt remove anything before i burned it on a cd... so i think its ok. I gonna try it now and i hope i can come back later and say to you it worked... thanks a lot for the advice...

  timhenning 15:11 11 May 2013

hi, i did much things to try to fix it but nothing worked. if i press the F3 i dont go to the recovery screen. if i try to format with an usb. first i installed multiboot10 on the stick and xp. i allways have a message that it didn't work cause of a hard disk configuration or something... i only can see a half of the message cause the monitor of the notebook is broken. i hope you can tell me what it is with the message i get when i try to format. or something else i can do. greets

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:14 11 May 2013
  1. check your laptop will boot from USB

  2. have a look at this guide making a USB stick bootable and copying the XP files to it and then Installing XP onto your laptop from the USB stick. This will format the drive during the process of reinstalling XP.

  timhenning 17:03 11 May 2013

isnt it the same like "multiboot10" ? i try it this evening. i let u know how it goes. thanks

  timhenning 19:14 11 May 2013


the usb is ready to format. i finally had the blue screen where i normally can choose the partitions and install xp. i know how to format, but there is one big problem... my hard disk dont show up there. i have a C:/ and a D:/ the only thing that shows up is my usb (1907mb)...

I tried an option and got 3choises there:

DELL PERC 2/3 RAID controller DELL PERC 2/3 RAID controller (Gatling) other (disk provided by hardware manufacturer required)

never saw that before... it's just strange that my hard disks dont show up in the blue screen...

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