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  Hotfingers 11:43 10 Sep 2003

I am trying to make my laptop dual boot with XP and Mandrake (from cover DVD), but have run into problems. First of all when I boot into XP's version of DOS using a floppy (one for XP), it creates my CD drive OK but then I can't find the hard drive to format it.
I have also tried to create a bootable CD with the Mandrake ISO file using Nero Burning ROM, but when I try to boot from it it just loads into DOS with the CD support and then I cannot run anything.
My laptop does not have a DVD drive, is this needed as the cover disc is a DVD?
Finally I cannot find out whether my Modem, Actiontec MD56ORD is supported. My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 2650.

Thanks in advance

  seedie 12:05 10 Sep 2003

You need to have a DVD player to play DVDs I bought one a week or two ago just so that could I try Mandrake.

Have you a second computer with a DVD drive?


  Hotfingers 12:07 10 Sep 2003

Yes, my desktop has a DVD drive, I didn't know if you could create 3 CD's with the ISO files on.

  seedie 12:26 10 Sep 2003

If you put the DVD in the desktop and follow the instructions it will put 3 ISO files on your HD.

You need to burn these to 3 *good quality* cdroms to obtain bootable CDs.

Wll you be using Nero?

  Hotfingers 13:05 10 Sep 2003

I have tried to do this but all that happens when I boot from one it loads into DOS with CD support and then nothing happens. I cannot run the Mandrake iso from the cd or anything.

  Hotfingers 13:38 10 Sep 2003

I have managed to find out how to format the hard drive, however I still cannot create the mandrake CD's to install.

  Hotfingers 13:58 10 Sep 2003

Just to clarify, I have burnt the first MAndrake ISO file (Mandrake91-cd1-inst.i586.iso) onto a CD. When I put it in the PC and re-start, the computer looks at the CD but does not recognise it as a boot disc. I then tried to create a bootable CD from Nero, using an XP boot floppy as a template. This succesfully boots but then I can't do anything as the Mandrake ISO file on the CD does not run. Am I missing something?

Thanks for your help

  Hotfingers 14:42 10 Sep 2003


  Hotfingers 15:50 10 Sep 2003

Any suggestions appreciated, I have looked all over the internet but all it seems to suggest is to write the ISO file to a CD and then boot from it.

  seedie 15:58 10 Sep 2003

Sorry for delay had to take wife into town.

If you're using nero you need to select 'disc image or saved project' to burn the ISOs onto CDROM

I've done it, it works

  Hotfingers 16:22 10 Sep 2003

Thanks for your continued help. Do I select the ISO files as the image file, Nero wants a .IMA file. If this is right what type of emulation does it need?

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