nobbyhigo 21:32 12 Jan 2010

i badly need to format i have a hp510 laptop running xp home i have a disc i can use .The point is . IS it worth bothering with the partioned hp recovery and discs i made or just go for it and wipe the lot with a fresh install

  rdave13 21:49 12 Jan 2010

Depends! Compaq presario 500. Created a dvd restore disc and a copy. Used the disc to successfully restore to factory settings. D: partition still intact.
Got hold of a Vista disc with service pack 1 (original OS). So I decided to go to the HP site (support) and downloaded all the drivers for my laptop.
Did a clean install and installed the drivers and was like a new machine. No HP bumff. Then got rid of the D: partition.

  nobbyhigo 21:58 12 Jan 2010

seems like a good idea download the drivers first of hp and like you say get rid of a lot of hp clutter

  woodchip 22:20 12 Jan 2010

Put the Disc you made in the Computer, Start PC and keep tapping F11 to Recover or Tap it when you see the on screen Message. As above all the Drivers and other software that was on the computer when you got it will be Restored. Backup all your Email and docs Photos etc before the above F10 is for BIOS Setup

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