format help

  FRANNY 20:18 17 May 2006

when i enter format c: this promt does not work please why not

  strech 20:26 17 May 2006


  strech 20:30 17 May 2006

if C:/ is blank try C:/dir and enter it should
show windows files if not try D: then E: and so on till you find windows files

  woodchip 20:32 17 May 2006

No He as done it right FORMAT C: cleans the Drive. Format C:\ only what C:\ contains it will not clear C

  FRANNY 20:40 17 May 2006

if i have done it right why did it not work.

  woodchip 20:44 17 May 2006

What is the Operating System, and where are you trying to format from?????

  rodriguez 20:44 17 May 2006

Does it say "Bad command or filename" when you type it? If it does, type in format on it's own and if it still says "Bad command or filename" instead of "Required parameter missing" then the format program isn't there, which is strange as it should be included with dos.

  phil46 20:52 17 May 2006

What OS are you running?? if you are running a dual partition with NTFS then you can't format without you delete the none DOS partition.
If this is not the case then all you have todo is put a W98 OR WME floppy in reboot and choose without CDrom support on the A:\ PROMPT TYPE format c: and enter it doesn't matter if it is lwer or higher case.

  DieSse 20:52 17 May 2006

To run Format you have to do it from the correct place - IE you cannot do it from within Windows. The correct place to run it from is a floppy disc drive - and so also, the floppy disk must have the format command on it.

You also say it doesn't work - can you tell us actually what happens, as this will help show us what your problem may be.

  DieSse 20:56 17 May 2006

As phil46 also points out, it depends how you are trying to format - the format command will only format to FAT32.

And - if this is a new drive you are trying to format, you must run FDISK first, to set up partitions (even if you only want a single partition.)

  rodriguez 20:58 17 May 2006

At the command prompt put your floppy disc in and type A:\ then type DIR and when the list of files comes up make sure there's a file called FORMAT.COM. If it's not there then the format command isn't on the disc.

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