Format HDD - Help Required

  LeedsLass 18:11 23 Sep 2005

I've built a PC from scratch and have loaded windows XP but didn't partition the primary HDD. Is the best way to do it, by formatting the HDD and re;oading windows? If yes, how do I format it.

I've never done this before so nice and easy please :o)

The HDD has nothing on it except for Win XP.

Also, both the drives (200gb and 300gb) are SATA and at the moment XP doesn't recognise the 300gb HDD. Is that just a case of going into disc management and partitioning that from there into one big partition (ie. choosing the maximum partition I can have)

Told you I was new to all this - sorry if my questions are a little niave/simple and thanx in advance

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:47 23 Sep 2005

Partioning Guide
click here

  Ceemar 19:01 23 Sep 2005

FDISK is a good way, but if you arn't PC "savvy" you may have probs. Try re-installing XP and follow the prompts. It does give you the option to delete partitions when installing you must have missed it somehow.
Hope this helps :-)

  Diversion 19:27 23 Sep 2005
  woodchip 19:38 23 Sep 2005

If you get ether Partition Magic or Acronis disc manager you can alter the partition size so you can create new partitions on the free space without reinstalling

Acronis Disk Director Suite 9.0 from click here

  dan11 19:51 23 Sep 2005

If you do not have any partitioning software, then the best way is to start again.

You will need to partition and format the drive, this you will do in the installation process. So you need to re-install the operating system.

Star the computer with the XP c\d in the drive, when it says press any key, do so to start the process. If it boots straight into windows then you will need to change the boot order.

Let it do it's loading. You will come to F8 to agree to the license agreement. Then you will get to the screen to work on.

The next screen should list the hard drives on the machine and "C" should be the default drive. You need to partition this drive, so you will need to use the "D" option, delete the partition. You will then have the option to rebuild the drive. Do this. It will give you the maximum size of the drive, as default. Alter this size to your requirements. You can leave the rest of the drive till later.

Let windows finish loading XP.

You can then split the rest of "C" drive in disk management.

If you wanted to split the slave drive in to segments, also, then this can be done in disk management.

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