Format hard drive then load Windows Me.

  jim jim 13:43 28 Sep 2003


I have saved my data on a memory stick now I want to format my hard drive and load windows me. Can anyone give me any pointers please


  Lozzy 13:59 28 Sep 2003

Insert the Win ME CD then re boot, first making sure your BIOS is set to first boot sequence is CD Rom. Then follow the on screen instructions..

  Chris the Ancient 14:07 28 Sep 2003

Don't do it! Go for an update on your OS while you've got a chance - Win ME was the pits. It might mean a few quid - but it's worth it.
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Have a shufti. Lots of people think the same


  jim jim 17:32 28 Sep 2003

how do I change the bios sequence to cd rom 1st?

  Quiller. 19:20 28 Sep 2003

Restart the computer and keep tapping the delete button. This should take you to the bios, also called the cmos.

On the interface pick the tab with advanced cmos settings and hit enter.

Scroll down to first boot and change this to cdrom. You change it by using the PgUp or PgDn buttons. When you have changed it press the esc. button to get back to the main menu.

Now scroll over to save settings and exit and type a y and enter.

The machine will reboot, make sure the M.E. disk is in.

I agree that X\P is the bees knees and use it on 3 machines. If you are happy with M.E. then this is fine.

  jim jim 19:09 29 Sep 2003

I have done exactly what you have said with the dc rom 1st boot - but it aint working. On the restart it just says can't find cd rom?

  spikeychris 19:14 29 Sep 2003

Create a startup disk from control panel and...

1. Insert your startup floppy & your Windows ME CD, Restart the computer.

2. Choose option 2 "start windows with CD-ROM support" when prompted.

3. Take note of your CD-ROM's drive letter. It will be displayed in the text on the screen. "Your CD-ROM driver letter is _"

4. At the A:\prompt type in format C: and press enter.

5. Choose YES when asked to proceed with format by pressing the letter Y and then pressing enter. Format will run.

6. After format is complete Enter a volume label then press enter or just press enter for none.An A:\ prompt will appear.

Note: Your not required to enter a volume label, you may leave this empty and simply press enter to continue.

7. At the A:\prompt type in E:\setup and press enter. Change the letter E in my example to your CD-ROM's drive letter.

8. Press enter to continue so windows can run some tests. A blue screen should appear. Press the letter X to exit and begin installation.

  spikeychris 19:15 29 Sep 2003

To create the disk...

1. Insert a blank 3.5 disk into your floppy drive.

2. Open Add/Remove Programs properties in Control Panel.

3. Click the Startup Disk tab, and then click Create Disk.

4. Follow the instructions on the screen.

  jim jim 19:30 29 Sep 2003

cheers spikey - here goes. If it doesnt work Im stuffed because i wont be able to get back online to get more help. wish me luck

  spikeychris 14:37 30 Sep 2003

You back with us yet Jim?

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