Format Hard Drive

  anniesboy68 19:52 19 Nov 2006

Is there a way I can format my 6gig hard drive without having to instal an operating system please?. This is in order to sell. My Computer/Manage disks will not help as the format facility is greyed out

  anniesboy68 20:20 19 Nov 2006

Thanks. Have done that. I have Win2000 pro loaded and it goes through the proceedure until it gets to format press y/n and so after pressing y and enter it goes back to A prompt. I have a 2000 start up disk but that comes up on the screen "Remove disks or other media press any key to restart". With no success!..There must be a way!!!!

  Devil Fish 21:56 19 Nov 2006

format ntfs using a dos boot disk you need to do the following

if you have a floppy drive get boot disk from here click here win 98se will do

boot using the floppy at a a:/ prompt type fdisk
i cant remember the number sequence off the top of my head but what you need to do is delete the partition

so select the number for delete partition
then from the next menu none dos partition
doing this will wipe the disk (make it raw)
you will need to exit and reboot

on reboot go back to fdisk create a partition then primary and set as active then reboot

at a:/ prompt if you wish to format the disk before it goes to new home this can be done by typing format C:/ (note space betwen format and C:/

this will prepare the disk for the installation of a new O/S

  Strawballs 00:20 20 Nov 2006
  anniesboy68 17:08 20 Nov 2006

Thanks all who have responded on this. I did use the "killdisk" and ultimately formatted the drive. However anybody interested may wish to note that the command at the A:/promp i.e format c:/ would not go at all, but I managed it with format c: only. No indication was given whether it was formatted with FAT32 or NTFS, so I am assuming it is FAT32

  Technotiger 18:06 20 Nov 2006

Hi - FAT or NTFS - in My Computer right-click on drive icon and then on Properties, you will then see whether it is FAT or NTFS.


  anniesboy68 17:04 21 Nov 2006

Technotiger....No operating system loaded so would be unable to access My Computer

  anniesboy68 17:08 21 Nov 2006

caris. Am assuming nothing is on it as it was throughly wiped with Killdisk then re formatted in fat 32, I would assume. As the previous post indicates there is no O/S on the disk so, I am assuming, [hopefully] that a purchaser will be able to load their own O/S. If, I am wrong on this please will someone let me know as it is up for grabs on E Bay.

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