Format hard drive

  loopyloo 13:05 11 Apr 2005

My computer came installed with Windows Xp and other software. Can I format my computer using a OEM windows xp disc. Usually when I need to redo my computer it sets it back to the condition it in and most of the software preinstalled on the computer I do not use and have to delete the programs. I would like to reformat and put on my own programs is this possible.

  Indigo 1 13:24 11 Apr 2005

It sounds like the disc you have is not a full working copy of XP, if you format the HDD you will have to buy a full working copy of XP or some other O/S with registration code in order to do what you want.

Incidentally you said that "Usually when I need to redo my computer", does this mean that you re-intall everything regularly ? this kind of drastic action is not normally necessary with XP there are built-in safeguards and tools that make this unnecessary.

  loopyloo 13:47 11 Apr 2005

I have just had to redo my computer because it crashed. It is a Medion PC and it came with a support CD with takes everything back to how it was first sold. As I said its a pain taking off all the programs I don't require.

  Indigo 1 13:57 11 Apr 2005

Have you ever tried System Restore ?

When you say it 'Crashed' what exactly happened?

What programs don't you require and what method do you use to take hem off ?

  plsndrs3 14:06 11 Apr 2005

Medion usually suply 2 disks - Application & Support. The disk marked Application is a full copy of Windows that came with the PC & the one labeled Support is the various programs that were loaded when the PC was shipped from them.

I have upgraded my HDD & have used this to load just XP.



  plsndrs3 08:28 12 Apr 2005

How was this resolved so that others can use this posting to help them if they have a similar problem?


  DieSse 08:44 12 Apr 2005

To answer your original question. Yes, If you have a WindowsXP OEM CD (A proper copy of WinXP, not a recovery disk) - then you can format and install just Windows.

WinXP OEM CDs are just the same as regular ones, unless they are customised by a system manufacturer. - in which case they will have the manufacturers name on the CD.

  DieSse 08:45 12 Apr 2005

plsndrs3 - he/she did tell us - they used the recovery CDs.

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