format hard drive

  flaz1984 23:58 06 Aug 2003

hi everyone

I am running windows xp, and am trying to share my broadband connection between my 2 pcs, however one of my pc's has a virus and i need to wipe my hard drive in order to install windows again. Im not sure how to wipe my hard drive, so any help wud be greatly appreciated.



  Terrahawk 00:02 07 Aug 2003

a complete format sounds a bit drastic at the moment post what virus you have some one may be able to help you remove it just make sure the unaffected machine is not connected to the network

  xania 09:55 07 Aug 2003

If you are using your machines on the internet, esp braodband (always on), you are stongly advised to have decent anti-virus software. Why not buy something like Norton Systemworks (2003 can be got click here for £12 and comes with 12 months free updates).

Once installed, this software can scan your entire HD for viruses and delete them, and there's full instructions on how to work if you think you already have an infection before installation.

  alcudia 10:34 07 Aug 2003

As Terrahawk says make sure the clean machine cannot be seen by the infected one. If you wish to reformat (I assume you are using XP) do the following.
First make sure that the CD drive is set as first boot in the bios. Insert your XP disc and restart. When prompted at the bottom of the screen hit the space bar to boot from CD.
Windows setup will appear on a blue screen.
Allow this to run as files load at bottom of screen.
When prompted press enter (return) to setup Windows XP.
Press F8 to accept agreement.
Press Esc to install a fresh copy of Windows.
From the options at the bottom of the screen press D to delete the partition and return to confirm. Press L to activate the deletion.
At the next screen press C to create a new partition. You should be able to accept the size.
Press enter (return) to setup WinXP.
If you are given the option choose a file system.
(Fat32 or NTFS)
Your drive will be reformatted after which more files will be copied. The machine will restart and XP will install.
Ignore any further prompts to boot from CD. Only accept the first as mentioned above.
Do not leave the machine as you will have to respond to numerous prompts, language etc. during the process.
The get a good anti-virus such as Norton, and a firewall.

  flaz1984 10:56 07 Aug 2003

how wud i check that the cd drive is the first to boot in the bios, so i can reload windows xp?

  alcudia 11:16 07 Aug 2003

That depends on the bios you have.
When you first switch on the machine you should see note at the bottom of the screen, something like Press Del to enter setup. Whatever it says press and hold it until the bios appears.
You will then have to search for the boot options. In mine they are under Advanced CMOS Features and they will probably be listed as Floppy, CD-Rom and HDD-0 (your hard drive). You should be able to click either on the name or alongside to change the sequence.
Then look for the option to save and exit. Usually an F key.
Make sure you do not change anything else.

  alcudia 11:31 07 Aug 2003

Just thought I'd better mention, when XP installs you will be asked to select a language.
In the same dialog box make sure you also set the correct keyboard settings or typing will become a guessing game.
I've been guilty of missing this a few times.
Good Luck.

  flaz1984 12:39 07 Aug 2003

just one more thing, when im settin up windows xp, shud i have the network cable connected from the pc to my broadband router, so it will set it up automatically


  alcudia 14:08 07 Aug 2003

Sorry, can't get broadband where I live, so I've never had to set it up.
I don't know the answer to that one, but if you leave it in all network connections should be detected, so I would do that.

  flaz1984 21:03 07 Aug 2003

cheers everyone ive finished settin up the network now and everythings workin fine!

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