Format external Hard Drive as a boot drive

  RISC OS user 22:16 28 Jan 2016

I wish to format an external Hard Drive for Windows 10 and then install the Drive into my Laptop and load Windows 10 from the DVD I created from the ISO file. My reason for doing this is to get a completely clean install, as every other time I have tried I end up with a poorly function Windows 10 PC and some of the old information such as Wall Paper, Network setting, Home Group etcetera are still set up in the New "clean" installation which I believe are causing the very slow Boot up along with other problems. Each time in the past I have agreed to "keep nothing" but that does not seem to work!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:07 28 Jan 2016

plug into another PC using a usb caddy

the drive will appear in disk management either right click and select format (do not do a quick format) or you could use command prompt (admin) and run diskpart to remove all partitions and make just one partition on the drive before formatting.

refit in the laptop

ensure DVD is set as first boot device

insert DVD and and press any key to boot from he windows iso (DVD must be bootable made using windows media creation tool for w 10).

follow the prompts to install windows (you cannot install windows onto the drive while it is in the us caddy on the other PC).

  robin_x 01:55 29 Jan 2016

Is it the same machine and hard drive as your other thread?

If it's an old W7 machine, it's unlikely to be UEFI/GPT

If the other thread's advice didn't work or was difficult to follow, it is better to say so.


Minitool Partition Wizard Free has a Drive Wipe function, which may be slightly easier, if the drive is connected via USB on a working machine.

Run MiniTool PW, click on the Hard Drive Disk x and select Drive Wipe. Then Apply.

It will take a while then appear as Unallocated.

For example

Put the Unallocated drive into the laptop Main Drive slot, boot from the W10 DVD and Install.

It should Install to Unallocated without creating or formatting any partition (Cick on Unallocated when it is displayed to Select it, then Next / Continue)

  robin_x 01:57 29 Jan 2016

Sorry- Wipe Disk, not Drive Wipe.

  RISC OS user 15:02 29 Jan 2016

Thanks for all the replies, I am working on it, will report back with results when done!

  RISC OS user 14:12 30 Jan 2016

I have tried, without success, to install Windows 10 from the DVD as mentioned. I installed the newly formatted Hard Drive and ensured that the BIOS was set to Boot from the DVD first. All I received was a message stating that there was no Bootable media. I then tried a Windows 8.1 Genuine disc and this did not boot either, so have put the original SSD back which contains 8.1. What have I done wrong, should I have copied the "System" partition on to the newly formatted drive? I have attached 2 screen shots. Disk 0 is the newly formatted drive labelled G in the screen shot. click here


  RISC OS user 14:17 30 Jan 2016

click here appears to be wrong so the above is the second screen shot. I also forgot to mention that the DVD drive clicked and did its thing as if I was going to boot.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:40 30 Jan 2016

Have a read here its for a Dell but other machines are similar

click here

  RISC OS user 17:27 30 Jan 2016

Sorry but I am unable to find any reference to The Boot modes mentioned all I can find is Order of Boot, and I have set the DVD to be the first. Perhaps the DVD does not have a complete boot sequence, I just burned it using the Microsoft Application that comes with the Windows 10 OS. Were my screen shots informative?

  robin_x 18:15 30 Jan 2016

You perhaps didn't burn correctly and your BIOS may be older than the Dell example.

You never answered my question in previous post.

ie Is this your HP Pavilion dv6 6b08sa Entertainment Notebook that originally came with Win 7?

If so, HP say Legacy boot should be On as well as CD/DVD at the top.

Also tapping F9 should bring up the temporary Boot Menu listing the CD/DVD Menu.


Did you right-click and burn the downloaded iso to DVD or just copy all the files to the DVD?

Right-click iso and Burn to disc is correct.

Or you can just double-click the iso if Imgburn has just been installed


See HP or General here


Let us know, if you get the DVD to boot

If you want to have a System Reserved partition (recommended), you have to install to Unallocated

Delete the New Volume partition when you see it during the install process.

(Installing to New Volume is allowable if you don't want a System Reserved Partition. Boot files will then be included in the new C: )

  robin_x 18:18 30 Jan 2016

Or if you have a spare USB Flash drive (4GB+) you can make a bootable USB drive with W10 Media Creation Tool

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