format drive win xp

  hubdean 17:03 24 Jul 2004

is it possible to format my win xp drive when i have no disk the program is built into the computer
i have never had a win xp disk must a new thing to be to stop copying

  son-of-a-gun 17:13 24 Jul 2004

I have heard it is possible to have windows on separate partition on the hard drive, but not to keen on this idea because if the Hd goes up the duff where do you install windows from then?

What make is the PC, I want to avoid those like the plague.

  hubdean 18:39 24 Jul 2004

i think they will all be built in to stop copying the disk

  Djohn 18:55 24 Jul 2004

Have you got a restore disk, CD or floppy? This will give you access to the hidden partition to restore your PC as it was when first bought.

If you want to remove the partition and install XP as a separate O/S you can do this by first copying the i386 folder onto a CD but you will need all the drivers to any hardware that is in the machine. These can be found at the manufactures website and downloaded to a CD before formatting.

  woodchip 19:08 24 Jul 2004

If you do not have disc's I think you can download the restore floppies from HP. The main backup is ether on a Partition you can see, or as I do believe on a Hidden Partition on the Hard Drive that only the Floppies can get at to Restore on a HP comp

  TommyRed 19:51 24 Jul 2004

I had no XP disc with this PC only a 'Restore CD'. I was able to make one by copying the file I386 and some other bits, I'll look around for info on it if you want, just say. HTH TR

  THE TERMINATOR 20:18 24 Jul 2004

The reason why you have XP on the drive itself, and no disk is that pc makers in general put the operating system on the hard drive and install XP from there(and as the pc can access this data faster than a cd-rom drive, it will install faster too. And since the operating system is on your hard drive, you need no disk. If you have a cd writer I would copy the contents of the XP folder to disk before you format the drive....TT

  THE TERMINATOR 20:20 24 Jul 2004

But you are right, if you have no disk you can't copy it....TT

  THE TERMINATOR 20:25 24 Jul 2004

What manufacturers do is network all the pc's to the server and just blitz them all at the same time....TT

  TommyRed 20:28 24 Jul 2004

The site the instructions came from click here and links to threads click here click here and click here, it wasn't easy for me anyway but plenty of help off this forum available. HTH TR

  tasslehoff burrfoot 21:57 24 Jul 2004

I also have XP installed on a partition and no disc.

Although my pc is HP perhaps you have the same options as me:

1. During boot up it says press f10 for HP recovery - this will restore to factory settings.

2. If I go start>all programs>PC help and tools, there is an option to create a restore cd which you boot from and do a factory restore.

Both these options will result in a formatted HD and new install of XP.



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