Format C Drive

  ABI2GAIL 18:40 30 Sep 2005

Im new to all this and I need to format my C drive so that I can install XP. However, when I put in the setup floppy and click on Fdisk I am not sure what number to click on. If I click something I shouldnt, will it mess everything up?

  Graham ® 19:08 30 Sep 2005

Are you re-installing XP, or is this an upgrade?

  woodchip 19:15 30 Sep 2005

You do not use Fdisk to format a Drive You use Format C: But you should only need to put the XP disc in and run setup it will install over 98 or ME

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:36 30 Sep 2005

click here
click here
click here
click here

You can select the option to format the drive from the install process.

  GaT7 19:41 30 Sep 2005

I think what ABI2GAIL means is that he/she is using fdisk to first partition the drive, like we do while installing earlier Windows versions.

ABI2GAIL, there's is no need to do this with a Windows XP install, & no floppy required either.

Just set in BIOS to boot first from the CD-rom. Place your WinXP install disk in the CD-rom drive & follow the process. Follow this guide to setup WinXP click here.

If you have any problems, just post them here. G

  ABI2GAIL 20:32 30 Sep 2005

I have windows 98 se loaded and have nothin else on there and try and connect to the internet which is so slow so thought xp might do the trick!but i dont reall know

  Strawballs 20:35 30 Sep 2005

If your machine is quite old then XP will slow it down even more because it is more resorce hungry than 98SE

  ABI2GAIL 20:37 30 Sep 2005

ok, thanks for that, however as 98 it is so slow i cant even use it, but as i am told it should be ok for use on the net, so really i want to take everything off and start again, but am unsure how to do it

  VoG II 20:40 30 Sep 2005

click here

click here?

I would try a reformat and install of Windows 98 as above first. As stated earlier, if it is an oldish PC then XP may run pretty slowly.

  woodchip 21:07 30 Sep 2005

you may have a virus

  ABI2GAIL 21:36 30 Sep 2005

Thanks VOF pc tech uide tutorials are brill and easy to follow.x Hopefully done it now.

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