Format c:

  [DELETED] 01:03 15 Nov 2003

Despite what Microsoft tell us, there is nothing like a format from DOS, followed by a re-install for getting shut of all the rubbish on the PC.
Is there a way to create a reliable Boot Floppy for Win XP Pro?

  gold 47 01:07 15 Nov 2003

You can download six floppy disks software for XP Home so there must be one for XP Pro take a look on the Microsoft website.

  [DELETED] 01:15 15 Nov 2003

"there is nothing like a format from DOS"

A format is a format is a format / whether you do it from DOS, from Windows, from a Windows CD or with a drive manufacturers utility.

Doing a format from thw WinXP CD is the same and every bit as good as dong it from a floppy disk.

AND / you will find it very difficult to do an NTFS format from floppies.

I do, however concur with the sentiment about a format being a good way to ensure you-ve got rid of all the dross that builds up.

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