Format 98SE and install Office XP

  DenverK 11:57 09 Dec 2003


My PC is in a right mess and I want to format it and install XP so that I can start from scratch. Does anyone have full instructions on how to do this or can ther direct me to them. I'm scared that I will do it and it will never work again. Another problem is I have absolutley none of the CDs. I can buy Office XP but the drivers I will need.

Will I need to get drivers for the monitor or should that work anyway. Otherwise is should be just Modem, Scanner, Printer... anymore?

Any help greatly appreciated


  LeadingMNMs 12:15 09 Dec 2003

Need to find out if your motherboard / bios will see a CD drive. If it can then you can just boot from the Win XP CD and follow the instructions. If you have no CD support then you will have to load the drivers from disk first.

You could either format the HDD and install XP or use XP to format the drive before install

  MAJ 12:18 09 Dec 2003

You mean you want to install WINDOWS XP, not Office XP, DenverK? Get a Windows XP disk, make sure your BIOS is set to boot from the CD-ROM drive, insert the XP CD and restart your PC and follow the on-screen instructions, it's as easy as that. To get all your drivers, do a search for them on the internet, usually a good place to start is the respective manufacturer's website. You'll need:

Motherboard drivers:

Soundcard drivers:

Graphics card drivers:

Modem drivers:

Scanner drivers:

Printer drivers:

  alcudia 12:18 09 Dec 2003

You will probably need XP drivers for all hardware that you have added eg scanner printer etc. XP comes with 100's of drivers and having upgraded seven machines from '98, I have never needed one, except for modems, you will need to get XP drivers for this as well. Obviously vendor drivers are better than those supplied by XP, but these can be updated later.

I assume you still have a Win98 cd. If so you have two choices. You can format your drive in the normal way, reinstall 98 (you needn't bother at all about drivers for this OS. You will only have a vga screen, but it won't be for long.)

When 98 is on just insert the XP upgrade disc and follow the prompts. You can choose to view an incompatibilty report, which will list any problems, if you have an internal PCI modem this will almost certainly be there, continue anyway. If there is anything else you should stop here and obtain any necessary drivers. Just let the install run and answer any prompts, they're all straight forward. Just make sure anything like printers and scanners are disconnected first.

Alternatively after reformatting you can just insert the XP upgrade CD. Early on you will be asked to evidence your eligibilty for the upgrade. At that point insert you 98 disc and follow what appears on screen.

If you do not have a 98 disc then you will have to buy a full version of XP.

  alcudia 12:25 09 Dec 2003

Forgot to add, if you have to install a full version and not an upgrade do as Leading MNMs suggests. Boot from the XP disc and use it to format your drive. If you need help on this please post.

Don't forget to write down what hardware you have and where to get updated drivers from before you start, just in case. Check out everything in device manager.

  DenverK 13:52 09 Dec 2003

How do I know if my motherboard/bios will see the CD Drive? and how do I change it?

As I understood it with XP I could just put the CD in and to a reinstall but formatting first. In other words the CD does it all. Is this true??


  alcudia 14:00 09 Dec 2003

Go into the bios, usually by pressing del just after you switch on, and look for the boot options. They will probably be listed as First boot device, second boot device etc...

Make sure that the CD drive is set to first boot if available. Depends how old your machine is, but you should be ok. Insert your XP CD and restart. Instructions on how to format and install XP will follow.

  alcudia 14:07 09 Dec 2003

To format a drive using the XP cd, when you restart your pc you should see briefly at the bottom of the screen the command Press any key to boot from CD. Hit the spacebar. The Windows setup screen will appear on a blue background and you will see files loading at the bottom of the screen. Allow this to run until complete. When prompted press enter to Set up XP. Press F8 to accept agreement. Press Esc to install a fresh copy of Windows as per the prompt. From the options at the bottom of screen press D to delete the partition and return to confirm, then press L to complete the deletion. At the next screen press C to create a new partition. Accept the default size. Press enter to continue setup. If asked choose a file system, Fat32 or NTFS. You drive will be reformatted and some files will be copied. Set up will initialize and the computer will restart. Ignore any further prompts to boot from CD. XP will install. During installation you will be asked for regional and keyboard settings etc. Make sure you answer correctly. When complete PC will restart. Again ignore prompt to boot from CD. When running remove CD. All done. Activate It. Good luck.

  Spark6 15:08 09 Dec 2003


  DenverK 22:03 09 Dec 2003

so, one more question, i wont need to change the bios to CD first (because it's asking for a password which I haven't got). Just start my computer as normal with th CD in the CD drive and then go from there, is it as simple as this??

Cheers everyone

  alcudia 08:29 10 Dec 2003

Hopefully, if it won't boot from the cd though, you will have to get the password from somewhere. I am sure there are ways of getting round this. If you need to do this I would advise a separate post giving details of your system.

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