Form Filling?

  Chegs ® 14:57 12 Oct 2005

I wish to insert some details into boxes on a form(to save manually writing in these details 40+ times a day)using the PC.I have a scanner,and successfully scanned the doc,editted the Jpeg(it wouldn't allow straight into Word)but cannot get the printer to "just" print the new additions,it tries to print the lot,boxes/text,even the feint details from the reverse of the document,and as the documents are stacked slightly askew in the printer,the text I want is often obscured by the additional info from the scan.

I have scanner/printer/Office 2003/Adobe Acrobat(but not the slightest clue howto use it)Abbey Finereader(OCR app)which I think should be sufficient for my needs.

Can I do it,or do I need to start limbering up my writing hand?

  Diemmess 15:33 12 Oct 2005

I think I understand....You want to fill in details (different each time?) into boxes already marked out on the form?

My way (probably long winded) would be to make a Word template out of carefully placed tables (say single cells with unprinted borders) and use this template for data entry.

The most time would be spent arranging these tables in the template to match the position and size of the boxes on the form.

Then having made the template just right, save it as a document file (My Form.doc)

Print as many blank forms as you are likely to need for the present and use these like headed paper when you come to print out the data which you have just entered on a copy of My Form.

Obviously make a duplicate of 'My Form' somewhere safe in case of accidents! Because if the printed paper is all you need, don't save the changes to your standard data entry (My Form.doc)once it is printed.

  Chegs ® 16:37 12 Oct 2005

click here

Here's the form,the bits I want to add are in the top right and bottom right corners.The form sizes are 140mm X 234mm approx.Its my partners name/address/telephone,so these are the same.This is why I was hoping to "automate" it via the PC.I have had suggested I buy sticky labels,print the details and simply attach one to the form,but I'm hoping to avoid buying anything,incase the job ends(My partner suffers wicked asthma,which often puts her out of action for a few days)

In my original post I said ...

"and as the documents are stacked slightly askew in the printer,the text I want is often obscured by the additional info from the scan."

should read as "and IF the documents..."

I've also decided I can live with the additional text being slightly out of place.

  woodchip 16:41 12 Oct 2005

Check my post at CT

  Chegs ® 16:45 12 Oct 2005

Nah Woody,you check mine.I've replied. :-)

  Alan2 16:50 12 Oct 2005

I presume you are going to print off these completed forms so I would suggest you take a bit of time to make up a Word or Excel template which can be a replica of the standard preprinted forms you have complete with company details etc.

It would then be a simple case of "tabbing" through the form to make entries and they will of course be properly aligned.

  Monoux 16:52 12 Oct 2005

Presumably you have a supply of forms preprinted and simply need to print onto these the name / address details in the right place
I would start with an Excel spreadsheet and put the info into cells approximately the right place using trial and eror. Print after first attempt and then move the data a cell at a time a print again until it was in the right place i.e. coming out in the boxes on the form.
You could do the same by creating a word document then typing the info roughly correct place and moving it about a bit at a time till right

  Chegs ® 16:58 12 Oct 2005

That's a brill idea,only I turn all cold and clammy at the thought of doing anything with Excel. :-)

Apparently,there is a software app that can "form fill" for me,I have only ever seen/used a browser plugin to do this for joining forums,etc,but I'm off to look up anything suitable for my needs via search engines.

  woodchip 17:02 12 Oct 2005

OK found it so E-Mail me through yellow envelope. I will Zip it

  Chegs ® 17:07 12 Oct 2005

PCA's email facility seems to be "up the spout" so will pop over to CT to send my addy.

  Monoux 17:13 12 Oct 2005

Pardon my ignorance ( or worn out brain cells) but what is CT ?

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