Forgotten Website!

  TheTerminator 08:59 29 Mar 2003

Can you help me? Not strictly a PC query but this comes under a generic internet query:

About a year ago, I remember reading an article about a website that had been set up to help advertise a book.
The website stated that something expensive (oil, gas or gold) had been found in huge quantities in somewhere in the south west of England (Cornwall/Devon area), and it wanted to raise money from venture capitalists...

But it was all a big con, as this was also the premise of the book and this was used to increase media exposure of it.

The problems is that I can not now remember what the website was/is.

Can anybody help me?
I used this yesterday as an example in class of an ICT con...

Many thanks,

  Forum Editor 09:07 29 Mar 2003

that the site is no longer online. If it was set up to publicise a book in some way it was probably removed once the book had been on sale for a while - server space costs money. 17:12 29 Mar 2003

but you could do a Google search for a wide ranging topic (e.g. Devon/Cornwall or Gold/oil, many alternatives), then just keep using the "search within results option". I have reluctantly used this method a couple of times when finding info on something vague but it can take time to narrow down from the initial million or so results.
As the FE points out, it may not be there in the end. Good luck, whiz...

  Djohn 17:29 29 Mar 2003

Is this the one? click here

  Eagie 17:55 29 Mar 2003

Here's the Guradian's report about it if that is any help click here

  Eagie 17:58 29 Mar 2003
  TheTerminator 20:34 29 Mar 2003

That's the one, many thanks for your help (yet again). I knew someone would remember it.
You've made my saturday night.

  Eagie 22:55 29 Mar 2003

And it was computer related after all as it involved Telewest's head of broadband content!

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