forgotten pasword

  Andy.F. 13:05 25 Jan 2005

I think this may be a difficult problem because of the fact it could relate to a stolen computer. But, I assure you good folks this is all above board. My friend who dosen't have internet as yet has been given the new computer that her father bought and then sadly passed away. The computer has been passworded and the said password is unknown so I pressume can't be changed. She has now got a nearly new computer that's asking for a password on loading and can't get any further than that there a way round this problem please. many thanks. Andy.

  rawprawn 13:15 25 Jan 2005
  johnnyrocker 13:15 25 Jan 2005

try this thread just finished the ideas might help you

click here


  johnnyrocker 13:15 25 Jan 2005

must type quicker;))


  sputnick 13:18 25 Jan 2005

You don`t say what your system is or what is on the PC.
If you have the original operating system disc, Windows 98, Windows XP etc.You could re-install it and when it asks for a password just press enter or continue and not have a password.
That is for a windows password.
Also you could go into the bios and disable password for startup.
Is it Windows thats asking for password or before it starts Windows.If you have problems let me have a contact and I will see if I can help.

  TomJerry 13:20 25 Jan 2005

there are different ways to sort out and all very very easy

if it is bios password, the one come up before windows, then which is the make of bios, it should show on the screen when start

if it is windows password, what windows version

someone may willing to tell you how to do if you give details

  Andy.F. 23:55 28 Jan 2005

I forgot to click the resolved on this one.....sorry....many many thanks to you all...since she has the windows XP home disc we decided to take the easy route and reinstall the system....once again many thanks and sorry for not responding or ticking the resolved box....Andy

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