ecniv 00:35 31 Mar 2003

I keep forgetting my passwords and have some files and folders I cannot open.How do I recover my password?Windows 2000 PRO.

  DieSse 00:46 31 Mar 2003

Try this, if you can see the asterisks click here

  monkeyshine 00:46 31 Mar 2003

Probably with extreme difficulty.

  monkeyshine 00:48 31 Mar 2003

If he can see the asterisks the password is already there.

  DieSse 00:54 31 Mar 2003

Too true ... sign it's tme for bed!!! Still it's a useful utility anyway.

  monkeyshine 00:58 31 Mar 2003

Snadboy is good with the asrerisks as well.

  Pesala 01:00 31 Mar 2003

The reason that you cannot remember your passwords is because you are working too hard and getting stressed out. What you need to do is take a rest from the computer and do something that helps you to truly relax - gardening, walking the dog, or meditation. When you allow your mind to empty a bit and stop thinking, you will easily remember them.

If this doesn't work. Visit your parents (if you can) and spend some quality time with them.

How do I know all this? Because it is past midnight and your are still working. Why am I working? I'm not, I do this just for fun.

  monkeyshine 01:08 31 Mar 2003

Of course you could also convert to Bhuddism.

  AragornUK 01:48 31 Mar 2003

I take it that you have marked these folders as 'private' in the NTFS permission system?

You don't say how you can't access these files/folders.

Is it the (for example) My Documents folder that if you log on with any other username / password than yours you can't access, or are they zipped files with encryption enabled?

In either case, you may have immense trouble resolving the issue, because I have a feeling that the encryption algorithms use the password as the encryption salt. Well, more likely, the internal user ID key that is associated with the User / Password combo, but it amounts to the same thing.

Basically, if you can't remember the password, you're stuck I'm afraid. There are some good password reminder programs out there, but if you can't log on to your Windows account then they about as much use as a chocolate fireguard.

Good luck, and I hope you remember the password :o(

  dcarr 02:12 31 Mar 2003

AutoWhat from is a free program that reads all the info from your internet explorer auto complete function. You may have to search for the exact one you need, but it will give you accesss to the ones you use. It may also have a function for system passwords. Check it out.

  dcarr 02:13 31 Mar 2003

Sorry thats

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