Forgive me

  Holographic_man 23:06 09 May 2004

I thought I should share this web site with you all. You might think it is the bees knees but I find it a little frustrating, what is it ment to be achieving, or am I missing the plot? click here

  Talented Monkey 23:22 09 May 2004

I am not surprised you are asking forgiveness for inflicting this monstrosity upon us.
Bright Blue and Yellow.. URGHHH and as for navigation well.. how many people will be looking at it sideways.

I could go on and on and on. However unless this is your own site/design, I think that F.E. will have something to say about slagging off 3rd party sites, no matter how bitterly honest the comments are!

What exactly are you asking here?

  Forum Editor 23:24 09 May 2004

and I suppose it's up to the site owner to decide what makes a good-looking site.

To be honest, we want to avoid a 'rogue's gallery' approach here, and for that reason we would prefer not to have these examples. After all, anyone could do the same to one of us, and we probably wouldn't feel too happy about it.

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