rotormota 19:14 31 Oct 2005


Is there some software available for translating my website text into other languages easily?


  Forum Editor 19:19 31 Oct 2005


Some sites/software may tell you that they'll translate your text, but I have yet to find one that makes a proper job of it.

I often have to design sites with different language versions - French, Italian, Spanish, and German. I work with translators in each of those countries, and they smile when they see the text that's turned out by translation sites/software. If you want a really professional job I'm afraid you'll need to use a human translator.

  mco 19:54 31 Oct 2005

In the real world I am a modern languages teacher and believe me FE is dead right. Don't even think of translating software; it can't even translate simple passages for students cheating on homework let alone serious websites.

  rotormota 20:37 31 Oct 2005

Thanks for that folks.

So my site is in English & assuming I got my text translated how would a visitor from another country see my site in their language. Would it be a click option or something? Would the layout & design remain the same or end up some jumbled mess?


  harristweed 08:46 01 Nov 2005
  mco 11:34 01 Nov 2005

I just tried my own site's front page on it, English to French, and I'm not convinced. It's about 80 percent accurate but it's the ten percent that's seriously wrong that makes all the difference. I suppose it would be ok if you just wanted a quick translation for your own purposes when surfing the net, but I still wouldn't use it for a professional site translation.

  mco 11:36 01 Nov 2005

that should have been 20% obviously; not a maths teacher!

  Forum Editor 00:42 02 Nov 2005

of your site if you want it to appeal to an international non-English speaking audience. The usual convention is to put links on the index.html page to sub-webs, at least, that's what I do. I use templates so I have the same layout, and then I alter any button labels and navigational links etc. and insert images. Then I simply paste the translated text into the pages from the documents sent to me by my translators.

If you're serious about the quality of your site, don't use software translators, for the reason given by mco.

  spuds 17:21 02 Nov 2005

I think that you will find it extremely difficult to have good translations for your website, for reasons that have been pointed out.

A few years ago, I was involved in a lecture tour in Colombia. All the literature was produced in the UK, using a qualified Spanish interpreter. Even that went wrong, the translator didn't quite understand some of technical terms, so he used substitutions. On arrival in Colombia, the literature was checked and failed miserably in many respects.In the end, we had to burn the midnight oil, and get local's to do all the work again, before the literature could be presented. That little episode, didn't come cheap.

  spuds 17:28 02 Nov 2005

Forgot to mention, that I find L+H Simply Translating a reasonable package, but allowances have to be made.This packages covers all the main languages.

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