Ford Fiesta Servicing

  prince midas 13:47 01 Aug 2009

Following on from a problem from my Fiesta dealer on I must use his dealership to have my new Ford Fiesta serviced by him, otherwise I will not get the Ford 3 Year warranty and your comments that I can use another repair garage to have it serviced.
He now tells me that his offer of £300 in advance for 2 services is impossible to beat.Why you may wonder.The reason his according to him that Ford run a minimum price discount and that no else can service a Ford at a lower price and if they do they must charge £175 for the first service & £200 for the 2nd service making a total of £375.He says Ford operate a minimun service price and if broken they will not warranty the car for 3 years.I know he is trying to frighten me but why is he doing this.

  prince midas 13:49 01 Aug 2009

Sorry I think I intended to put this in consumerwatch.

  Fingees 17:26 01 Aug 2009

You can have it serviced at any ford main agent, without loss of 3 year warrsnty

  lotvic 17:52 01 Aug 2009

Ask him to put it in writing and to sign it.

  r.s.logan 19:16 01 Aug 2009

Just had wifes Fiesta first service carried out a few weeks ago by Ford main dealer £143 . Just used them for convenience . You do not have to use Ford for servicing re. warranty . Was told by friend in dealership as long as Ford parts used and serviced to schedule , can get service anywhere .100% guaranteed .Confirmed by contacts in motor trade .

  prince midas 19:32 01 Aug 2009

Thanks for replies but you all say you had it serviced by a Ford Main Agent which is exactly what I do not want to use.I want to use a local Ford specialist who is not a main agent.

  mooly 19:44 01 Aug 2009

I believe you can have it serviced at a dealer/place of your choosing, you are not tied to a franchised dealer network.
The catch is that all the work Ford stipulate must be carried out, with genuine parts used , approved oils etc and so if anything does go wrong it's up to you to be able to prove that all this was done. It's an easy get out, and the onus would be on you to prove say that the correct oil had been used 2 years ago etc.
What about software updates too, there's a lot of if's and but's.

  woodchip 19:59 01 Aug 2009

If you do not use Ford you cannot get the Warranty book stamped. It depends on how you look at what you have, on how long you intend to keep the car among other things. as a stamped book puts more value on the car if sold when not too old

  lotvic 20:36 01 Aug 2009

You can find out who/where you can take it for service in your area, on click here

click here
"If my vehicle is serviced at a non Ford Dealer, will my Ford warranty be invalidated?
No, but you must ensure that:
• Your vehicle is serviced as recommended by Ford (timing and content).
• Your vehicle is serviced using genuine Ford branded parts or parts that match the quality of genuine Ford branded parts.
• Your vehicles Maintenance Record is completed and receipts are retained as evidence that the vehicle has been serviced at the correct intervals, in line with Ford Service Schedules, using the correct parts and fluids. This will assist in the event of a warranty claim for defects that may be influenced by incorrect maintenance intervals or content. "

"Do I need to have my vehicle serviced at the Ford Dealership who sold me the vehicle to maintain the warranty?
No, any Ford dealership can be used within the dealer network.

I was sold a Dealership warranty by a Ford Dealership that has now gone into receivership. Will Ford honour the warranty?
No, Ford dealerships are independent franchises with their own operating procedures and management structures and as such Ford Motor Company has no direct control over their day-to-day operations."

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