'Forcing' a modem driver

  jz 21:16 16 Sep 2005

I often have problems finding drivers for PCI modem cards. Sometimes the cards have very little on them that identifies the model number, and sometimes if I do find a model number, a Google search finds many sites that look promising, but I can't find one with a suitable driver, or the click-here doesn't work.

A PC repairer I once saw at a car boot sale told me that the important thing is the chipset used on the card, not the model number, and you can 'force' windows to accept a driver of another card model that uses the same chip set. Does anyone know if this is correct, and if so, how I do this?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:24 16 Sep 2005

Just because a card is made by "Crystal", "Tips" or "Alister" doesn't really matter they have all probaly bought the chipset fom "rockwell" and a rockwell driver will work with the card.

Have done this several times with modems, TV cards, and graphcs cards sucessfully.

  jz 21:32 16 Sep 2005

Thanks for your reply Fruit Bat. So it's possible, but how do I do it. When I get Windows to search for a driver, and present it with the wrong one but the right chip on a CD, Windows tells me that it can't find the driver. How do I tell it to use the one I want it to?

  sattman 22:10 16 Sep 2005

I don'k know if this is works for XP but it is good for all earlier versions of windows.

Go device manager highlight the driver to change. Make a note of this drivers details version date etc and save a copy as you may want to go back to it click on drivers, then go update driver

It gives you the option of automatic or specify.

Select specify and browse to your new driver location.

If it does not find exact compatible driver It will come up saying this driver is older than that in use do you want to continue, select yes.
Many items such as modems will work ok with genetic drivers.

  woodchip 22:13 16 Sep 2005

It is posible Win98 used to have lots of Drivers under the Add new Hardware wizard. Hains 56kb used to work with most

  octal 22:57 16 Sep 2005

You could give Belarc a try if the modem is installed click here

  SANTOS7 23:03 16 Sep 2005

click here
modem drivers, gazillions of em...

  jack 09:25 17 Sep 2005

The axiom - 'Let Windoze do the work' comes to mind
When selecting a modem driver - select - 'From a list'then select 'generic 56 K driver' - it'll drive any modem. Out sourced drivers not required.

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