forcefully transferred from BT Ireland to Vodafone

  SANAP 21:55 20 Feb 2010

A deal was struck with BT Ireland to transfer all their home telephone users and broadband to Vodafone Ireland last summer. About 84000 in all. The blurb said everything would remain the same, ie no change but the reality is very far from the truth. Vodafone had no fixed line telephone network when it dealt in mobile only but it has changed the d/l limit, from unlimited to 100GB, changed the contention ratio from 24 to 48 but told no one. And now it keeps disconnecting me at random from an always on service. 4 times today so far with no warning.

Its pointless complaining here in Ireland and the only competitor is worse. Is there any avenue in Europe that I could use?

And why degrade a service that was working perfectly? I cant join the vodafone forum unless I have a vodafone mobile which I dont.


  wossie 22:22 20 Feb 2010

I had enough of paying for 7mbps and getting .5mbps to 1.5mbps with Eircom, signed up with vodafone 3rd Dec next day a friend told me they were worse and now I had a year contract. I cancelled the order by phone, a week later I emailed them for conformation it was cancelled. Kept phoning them to no avail, 28th of Jan I got it back to Eircom. During this time with vodafone I could not send emails from my Thunderbird mail. IP blocked as spam using their settings, no help fron Vodafone. I sent your thread to Vodafone, by the way.

  SANAP 11:06 21 Feb 2010

thanks for reply. I'll ring them tomorrow and get a cheaper service. I have a few contacts and told I am better off with a 3mb service. then wait for a few more years to see if a faster service appears.

It appears a lot of people have been affected even worse than myself.

The bit I can grasp is " nothing will change" but we have this spiel about looging off to regain IP addresses and

  Al94 11:22 21 Feb 2010

Was it like this? click here

  Al94 11:22 21 Feb 2010

Sorry wrong thread

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