Force9 ISP

  osben 13:15 18 Sep 2004

I had an email from an ISP that supposedly is a multi-billion dollar company. They were offering 512k and 1Mb connections at £14.99 p.m on a years contract.

They seem to offer a good deal but apart from their website, I can't find any info on them good or bad. Sites such as ADSL Guide offer plenty of comparisons on many other uk suppliers but not Force9. Surely if they were as good as they say they are (winning awards etc) they would be featured on some Broadband comparison sites.

Can anyone offer up any constructive comments on them.


  osben 07:41 19 Sep 2004

JayDay - So what is the difference between Plusnet and Force9.

All the above is good news folks. I think I will try them, can't be any worse than AOL as far as I'm concerned.

Strange that there were no averse comments though.


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