force win xp to shutdown

  rsturbo 22:19 21 Jul 2007

i have a computer with win xp home, ever since new it has always hung / frozen on shutdown. is there a way to force windows to shutdown even if it finds something it does not like and therefore freezes?

thanks for any help

ps i want it automated so i don't have to peform a task everytime i shut down

  woodchip 22:29 21 Jul 2007

If you have more than one Partition, turn System Restore of for all Partitions other than C:\ With the Operating System on it. This you can set to about 5% or 8% or Partition For restore

  kindly 22:32 21 Jul 2007

I get this problem on my laptop which runs XP home. One day it closes ok then does what you say. Try closing any program you have had running using the task manager then close down the computer. Sometimes the programs still run in the background when you think they are closed by you normally. I did read about a help file used by Nvidea stopping the computer shutting down but not everyone has that. Hope this helps a bit.

  ArrGee 01:52 22 Jul 2007
  Switcher 03:16 22 Jul 2007

You can use the SHUTDOWN command either from START > RUN or from the command prompt. Shutdown -s for shutdown, Shutdown -r for restart, Shutdown -t xx(seconds) for shut down in XX seconds. Type SHUTDOWN at the command prompt for a list of options. As a last resort SHUTDOWN -s -f will force an immediate shutdown. You can also write a batch file to run whichever one you prefer.

  rsturbo 10:20 30 Jul 2007

Switcher how do i write a batch file and get it to run??

  birdface 12:48 30 Jul 2007

Just before you shut down go into Task manager and see if there are any programs running under processes that should not.System Idle process should be about 96% and 3or4% the rest.Now sometimes if you have Microsoft up-dates set to automatic it will up-date your computer as you shut down,taking it longer than usual to close.Under applications if there is something running you could stop it from there and then shut down.

  Switcher 23:15 30 Jul 2007

1. select a suitable name for the batch file e.g. SD.bat

2. open the command prompt ACCESORIES > Command Prompt.

3. Type EDIT SD.bat

4. Type Shutdown -f -s -t -05

5. Save the file ( you can use ALT-F X Y to do this)

6. Type exit to go back to windows

7. Click on RUN and type sd in the box then OK

This should shutdown the PC after a delay of 5 seconds.

If you wish you can use search to find the file sd.bat then drag it on to the desktop to create a shortcut to enable you to run it with one click from the desktop.

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