Footage gone from hi8 tape

  ineseni 01:28 24 Nov 2016

Hi , I'm currently filming with my hi8 Sony camera and I recorded 40 min of a 90 min tape and everything was ok, I watched the whole 40 minutes that I filmed back and forth many times, and I even digitalized it to my computer. (Unfortunately the digitalization went wrong , so after I tried the first time and it was late in the night I went to sleep and in the next day I intended to repeat the process to figure the best way to do it.

The next day I watched the tape one more time before thinking in digitalizing again and after some hours I watched it again and there was no image. I played it back and forth and there wasn't information about the time in the display mode. It only said 00:00:00. The thing is, I didn't do anything possible for this to happen and I still could play the tape back and forth but there was no sound nor image - the screen was blue.

It's relevant to say that this had happened before once and I waited like a day to see if it was a transitory issue, and when I tried it again it work like before - so I thought I had just been stuck for a while. But now it has been like this for almost a week and I really really need the footage.

Is there anyone who can relate to this? if not, any advice?

Thanks in advance

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