Fooling Win7 re printer type

  jimforrest 19:49 13 Nov 2013

I produce a lot of reports and schemes for work on my laptop. I've got quite good at using the Draw functions in Word for the schemes but, because my home printer is only an A4 size, I am restricted to that size. I then email the schemes to my Works office where I have an A3 printer and some of the schemes would be better printed in that format. Similarly, some Excel sheets would be better in A3.

I've tried installing the driver for an A3 printer on my laptop but, without the printer connected, it can't complete the installation. I can't connect my home laptop into my office network as it's not a secure machine.

Is there any way I can get Word in Win7 to believe that I have an A3 printing capability so I can produce the documents on that size of paper?

  jimforrest 19:59 13 Nov 2013

By the way - I can enter it as a custom size but I can never remember the size and it's such a fiddle to do. Much easier to just select A3.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:14 13 Nov 2013

Nothing to do with printing.

Word - File - page setup -Paper Tab -paper size - scroll down to A3 297 420mm

press OK

Margins tab -set to landscape for drawing schematics

  jimforrest 20:55 13 Nov 2013

Sorry FB - A3 doesn't appear in the list. The largest is A4 because, I understand, the range of sizes is set by the actual printer capability.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:59 13 Nov 2013

My printer will only do A4 or less

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:04 13 Nov 2013


file - printer - from the drop-down menu of printer list and select Microsoft XPS Document Writer.

printer properties - advance and then select your A3 format.

Click on OK - Page layout tab and Select your paper size.

  jimforrest 21:06 13 Nov 2013

FB - but you can still select A3? Looks like I might have to rummage through the options and setting menus then?

  Woolwell 21:35 13 Nov 2013

Which version of Word? W7 is not greatly relevant.

  Woolwell 21:37 13 Nov 2013

I have just had a play with Office 2007 and Windows 7. My printers are A4 and I can easily select A3 and save it.

  jimforrest 11:20 14 Nov 2013

Mine is Office 2003 and no matter what I do I can't select anything bigger than A4 because that's the biggest on the paper size options under Page Setup/Paper.

I have looked through all of the Options and Settings menus and can't find any reference to paper size except under Printing where it refers to the printer paper feed tray (which it knows is A4).

  Woolwell 12:02 14 Nov 2013

Hm - May be a limitation of Office 2003.

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