Fool has half reinstalled XP-is all data erased?

  buel 21:30 26 Oct 2010

Hello, someone i know has totally ignored my advice and used an XP disk to reinstall XP when my advice was try at least try the repair option. Anyway, she is now panicking as it has got to the stage where she has been asked to enter the key.
Please can anyone tell me is this too late to stop the reinstallation and revert back to the repair option?

  Nontek 21:44 26 Oct 2010

The key of course should be on a sticker on her computer. If no sticker.....BIG Ooooops! I doubt if the procedure can be reversed.

  buel 21:52 26 Oct 2010

Hmmm..the sticker seems to be missing unfortunately! But can anyone shed any light on whether the 'repair' option is available still?

  Jwbjnwolf 21:57 26 Oct 2010

what a sticky situation she is in, If she still has box that it came in then tell her to look at it from head to toe, and tell her to look in the manual and all that
even if in doubt at least give it a go, may be lucky
She may of even took it of her laptop and put on the manual or something and of forgot about it.
I would tell her to do this precise at this very minite

  Jwbjnwolf 22:01 26 Oct 2010

she may have a hidden partition that she does not know about just like mine
Tell her to also try that.
How she can do this is by using the start up repair tool on the disk and it should find her hidden partition.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:05 26 Oct 2010

'repair' option is available still?

Maybe if its only got to the input key part unless she formatted the drive.

Take the drive out and put into a caddy and attach to another machine to attempt to get documents off before trying anything else with the CD.

  buel 22:10 26 Oct 2010

Hi, thank you for that, i think the problem currently is if she restarts the computer it automatically jumps to the '37 minutes to go' bit of the reinstallation?

  Jwbjnwolf 22:18 26 Oct 2010

Even if she has wiped the hdd like I did it does, win7 still found vista which is was in the hidden partition which cannot be hidden
What is the make
Is it an:
or what?
If it's resumbly new it should have a hidden partition
click here will tell you what happened with me
hope this helps

  Nontek 22:20 26 Oct 2010

I dunno if this would work at this stage, but has she tried starting in Safe Mode - might be able to take things further if she can.

  Jwbjnwolf 22:35 26 Oct 2010

Please tell her about this info as it could help tremendously.
Ok maybe she might have to mess things up more by getting the disk out which could be painful and I don't know if its a good idea but this is what I have had no option on doing but if do find that hidden partition which she should have if th pc is around 4,5 yrs old or less but if you look at the thing that happened with me then it can save you alot of hassel and she does not need to type her long gone key

  Jwbjnwolf 22:44 26 Oct 2010

It may be different os's but it should detect it because like merlinx has said, start up repair should include an option to restore from the hidden partition, and he/she also said that the reason manufactures do this is so that if stuff goes pear shaped like this women has, can restore using hidden partition when pc turns on.

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