Fonts - Safe to clear C:\Windows\Fonts?

  spras 18:27 16 May 2007

Is it safe to clear out C:\Windows\Fonts apart from the system fonts listed here:

click here

(I'mm on XP) Just I would like my fonts organised better and I can't do that if theyre in C:\Windows\Fonts as its a mess and my font manager (Extensis Suitcase) wont let me add them to sets

  Technotiger 19:03 16 May 2007

Hi, as long as the fonts used by any of your programs are not deleted, then yes it is ok to have a clearout.

  Technotiger 19:04 16 May 2007

PS - Just in case, I would advise you to create a System Restore point before doing any deleting.

  spras 19:49 16 May 2007

Yeah system restore point probly a good idea, hasn't thought of that. I'm just gonna shift them about to like h:\My Fonts or somehting so they wont be gone.

Re: your first reply that sounds risky then. Becuase besides from windows itself i have no way to determine any other program fonts

  Technotiger 19:53 16 May 2007

Probably not as risky as it sounds, most everyday programs use Windows standard fonts, but some games for instance may well have their own special fonts. With games one usually has the cd's anyway, so no great problem.

  spras 19:57 16 May 2007

Yeah thats true, well I don't intend to actually delete anything so any programs needing fonts I can just replace the font back to C:\Windows\Fonts (providing it tells me what font it wants). Thanks.

  Technotiger 20:01 16 May 2007

OK - your welcome. Cheers.

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