Fonts - please explain

  MikeOT 09:45 08 Jan 2003
  MikeOT 09:45 08 Jan 2003

Can anyone give me a quick explaination of fonts:

If I view the font list in MSWord2k, I see three different symbols:
- a "TT" symbol
- a "a" sort of symbol
- and a kind of printery type of symbol

If I view the list of fonts installed on my PC in control panel, some of the fonts listed above do not appear, and are not available. Why is this?

What are the different pros/cons of each type of font with regard to sharing documents between users/pcs?

  leo49 10:44 08 Jan 2003

click here

Somewhere in the above you may find the info.Sorry can't be more precise but I've no time to narrow it down.


  hellred 10:52 08 Jan 2003

You can have all the fonts, but when you installed you choose a typical instal and that only gets you the most popular fonts. If you want the rest, re-instal and select custom then click on the package and select " run from my PC " and you will have all fonts available installed.

  Patr100 10:53 08 Jan 2003

TT means "true type" font which means that it should appear the same on the printed page as it does on screen.Most fonts now are True Type but it was less common some years ago.

If you are sharing documents or making web pages, it is far better to use a common font that should be readily available on most PCs such as Times Roman. If you use a more obscure font other viewers of the document may not have it installed the type will not appear as you intended.

  hellred 10:55 08 Jan 2003

if you choose a font thats not available to the reciepient then his software subs another font for it.
He will still be able to read it , but not as you see it on your pc.

  MikeOT 11:23 08 Jan 2003

thanks for your comments

"installed" what? - windows? office? or ?

  Pesala 17:49 08 Jan 2003

TT icon means Truetype
A icon means Adobe Type One
Printer Icon means bitmapped, non-scaleable fonts, best for dialogue boxes etc.

I think hellred was referring to when you installed MSWord2K which was mentioned in your original post. You can choose to install/not install some fonts.

Safest choice of fonts is Times, Arial, Book Antiqua, Comic Sans, Lucida, Garamond, and other core Windows fonts. A convenient way to share documents is to publish a document as a PDF, and embed the fonts. The recipient can view it exactly as you formatted it, and print it out, but cannot edit it. PDF files are also quite large, but this way saves a lot of hassle with missing/changed fonts and missing graphics.

  Patr100 20:52 08 Jan 2003

I'm referring to the install of an individiual font or a gropus of fonts on a PC. Programs (eg Grtaphics Progs) often come with additional fonts to augment the basic range that come with Windows or whichever version of Word etc you may be using.

  Patr100 20:53 08 Jan 2003

gropus = group

  MikeOT 10:38 09 Jan 2003

i think i prefered gropus

thanks everyone

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