bobbyalec 16:01 27 Aug 2003

I recently installed a new tower with new hard drive etc. and installed MS Works from my original disc, but when I look for some of my favourite fonts, e.g. "DFCalligraphy ornaments" and "Minipics (various types)" they are not on the list. I tried looking for them on the Windows 98 disc, but no luck. Can anyone tell me where I can find the above fonts in particular, as I miss them for my regular documents? I don't understand why they wre missing from my re-install..........

  [DELETED] 16:29 27 Aug 2003

Probably because it wasn't Works that installed them before. If you still have access to your old drive you can copy them.

  Diemmess 16:47 27 Aug 2003

As alcudia says - If you have your old HD, then attach it as a secondary master. (It can dangle as long as it isn't knocked while switched on).

Then go to C:\Windows\fonts click on File menu and choose Install new font.

Tell it to look in "X"\windows\fonts and select what you want. Don't select ALL or you will spend quite a time cancelling all the duplicated fonts.

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