font in webplus looks wrong

  pigup 20:15 01 Nov 2010

have made some web pages using webplus x4 and used tables to align pictures and text on the page.On some pages when priewiewed or published the fonts look rough and on other pages they look fine. Have used the same font in all cases.

  pigup 19:16 02 Nov 2010

Thanks for the reply. I've noticed on the page with the bad fonts (page 29)you can save it as a picture from the web(right click)whereas the page where the fonts look ok(page 30)you cannot.
click here click here
You are correct in saying don't use tables for layout as it was not easy, but given my skills ie none, css seemed a steep learning curve.

  pigup 22:17 03 Nov 2010

There's a lot of menus and options in web plus and after lots of searching i'm non the wiser.It's probably better in the long run if I learn a better way to lay out my pages as the problem is down to using tables.
Will search the forums for css info, see if its the thing for me. Need to find out if I can use it on odd pages or if I have to make a complete new site.

  pigup 19:10 04 Nov 2010

Web Plus has a template system and also a few object alignment tools that should give me a quick fix to the problem of laying out pages. Certainly for this website. regards.

  pigup 19:16 05 Nov 2010

web plus has two types of table, creative and html.By making the offending table html compatable it has fixed the problem. three cheers for that and forums.
Also the system I use for making the website on has an iiyama lcd display, never been impressed with it, used to use their crt's no prob. Never thought to try other than auto settings, a small tweak and a big improvment wish i'd done that six months ago. Live and learn eh. best regards.

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