Font size when printing

  gemdogie 09:08 20 Mar 2010

Windows 7-firefox-canon 560.
Is there any easy way to increase the font size when printing from a web page with the above equipment.
Everything operates ok but the print size on the finished page is very small, I would like to make a default of around font size 10 or 12.Any help offered would be appreciated.

  Technotiger 09:11 20 Mar 2010

You could try Holding down Ctrl and then moving the Scroll-wheel on Mouse to increase size - though this does not always work.

  hastelloy 09:55 20 Mar 2010

You could copy the bits you want into Word.

  rdave13 10:03 20 Mar 2010

In firefox try clicking on view then zoom or CTRL and "+"

  gemdogie 14:33 20 Mar 2010

unfortunately the methods suggested by Technotiger 7 & rdave13 only increase the font on the web page & make no difference to the printed page. I will try marvin42's method but would not want to do this every time I print a page. There must be some way to make a default font size. Any suggestions please ?

  lotvic 15:22 20 Mar 2010

Firefox > Tools > Options > Content tab, Fonts & Colours, Default font > Advanced

there are some choices on Advanced that you can try

  gemdogie 15:38 20 Mar 2010

Already done, font set at 14 with a min of 12, hasn't made any difference to the printed page, still small !!
Thank you for trying. Firefox forum appears to agree with the printing problems but don't offer much in the way of a solution.

  lotvic 16:07 20 Mar 2010

Have you tried 'Scale' in FF > File > print preview?

  Pineman100 17:28 20 Mar 2010

FF's "Scale", as suggested by lotvic, should work, but be careful you don't upscale too much or you'll lose part of the image off the side of the page.

  gemdogie 09:37 21 Mar 2010

Thank you both for attempting to help. I have already used the scale, including shrink to fit,
but as before it changes the font size on the web page, but the printed page font remains small. As I said I have been to the firefox forum & although this problem is known no one appears to have an answer !

  AlanHo 10:06 21 Mar 2010

Same problem with Win 7 and IE8

I have come to the conclusion that the font size for printing is determined by the design of the page and cannot be changed within the browser.

Some web sites are worse than others - the font is so small when printed. I either copy and paste the text - or use the snipping tool and copy the screen shot into Word to get a legible print. I imagine there is a better way and would welcome ideas.

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