Font for Poem

  tonyq 20:13 06 Jun 2010

My son as been given a hand written 3 page (A4)poem, which I have placed into Microsoft Word for him. I would like to place the poem into a photo frame to hang on the wall. I have had to make the words small font size so as to fit the poem onto one sheet of A4. With this in mind,could anyone suggest a nice font to use?

  Technotiger 21:03 06 Jun 2010

Try ... Black Chancery

  Taff™ 22:20 06 Jun 2010

What is the poem about or what era is it? I think I`d try to choose a font something close to that line of thought. It also has to be legible for the reader(s) or deliberately not so, to make them study it closer.

  tonyq 09:44 07 Jun 2010

thank you for the replys.
The poem is about taking his Law exams,which he is doing at this very moment.

  Chris the Ancient 11:20 07 Jun 2010

For things that need a bit of flair...

I like Monotype Corsiva... click here


Arnold Boecklin... click here (very art deco!)

  Taff™ 19:10 07 Jun 2010

There`s a couple of fonts in Windows, try French Script MT - almost joined up handwriting you need to read carefully.

Alternatively, Eras Demi ITC has a certain legal type flourish to it.

  tonyq 13:56 08 Jun 2010

Thank you all for your help advice. I will print a few copy's with the above fonts.

I have been thinking of putting the poem on to a A3 document and getting it printed outside so I could use a larger size font,but seem unable to set up a A3 document in Word 2007. I think it as some thing to do with my printer being A4. Are there ways to get round this problem ? or would I be better starting a new thread in PCA help with regards to this problem?

  anchor 14:10 08 Jun 2010

What I used to do when I wanted an A4 enlarged to A3 was to take it to my local photocopy shop that had a copier that did this.

The cost was purely nominal.

  tonyq 14:20 08 Jun 2010

I was hoping to have it printed on some kind of textured paper,(if that is the correct term).

  anchor 14:31 08 Jun 2010

Special paper: that`s different.

Have a word with your local print shop; they may be able to help.

  tonyq 14:34 08 Jun 2010

Not sure where to go to have it printed, would Jessops be able to print it A3 ?

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