Font Colours in MS-Office 2010

  Furkin 19:45 16 Nov 2012

Sorry folks - another little niggle,,,,

Since using MS-Office 2010, the available font colours have changed.

In my case, I like to use a deep blue for writing certain things, which was always part of the normal Font colour choices. Now though, I don't get that same blue, as a choice.

In MS Word > HOME, if I click 'Colours', I get a wishy washy range of colours. I have to click 'more colours' to select the desired blue shade.

This is fine,,, until I close the document. That colour blue then disappears, so if I want to use it again, I have to select it again from 'more colours'.

Is there a way that I can keep my choice of blue as a normal/default choice ?

I only want it as a choice, not as a general default.

Any ideas please ?


  mgmcc 21:13 16 Nov 2012

Changing the "theme" in Word might give you the colour you want. The "Verve" theme has a good range of blues that you can then select as your font colour.

  Furkin 12:17 17 Nov 2012

Thanks Mgmcc,

As you say, tons of colours there,,,, but: I can't find the blue that I like - and which used to be a standard colour.

When in any theme, when I click 'More colours', I can find & select the very Blue that I want. I have made a Custom theme (Custom 1) into which I have added the blue, and added the theme it my list.

But: When I boot up MS-Office, I have to manually select Custom 1. Should there be a way of having this as a default ?


  lotvic 20:27 17 Nov 2012

Not sure how it works in word 2010 but in word 2003 once I have chosen a custom colour for some of the text, that colour becomes available in the Styles drop down Menu (don't mean the Font colour drop down menu where you choose a colour first time around)

I can then select some of the black text and change it's colour via the Style Menu or I can choose the custom colour from the style menu before I start typing the text. Screenshot ClickHere

Maybe someone will play with that and work out how to save the additional entries for the coloured font in the styles menu so that they are there when a new blank document is opened.

  lotvic 20:29 17 Nov 2012

... or maybe that's what the theme Custom1 is that Furkin is already using? (I'm just learning about them from this thread)

  Furkin 00:18 18 Nov 2012

Cheers guys,

I get a different system depending on whether I'm using .doc or .docx (2007 & 2010).

As I say, in 2003 & 2007, that blue was always part of the standard colour dropdown. I don't know why they chose to drop it.

I have just opened documents (letters) saved in both .doc & .docx. When I open the one in .doc, THEMES aren't available. I'm guessing it might have been called STYLES then ?!

If I open the one in .docx, then > Themes > Custom 1, then return to the document & Save, then Custom 1 is also saved.

I still need to manually sort this out for every document - at the moment - but I’m halfway there.

I’m a creature of habit. My ‘normal’ letter writing set-up (that suits 98% of my writings) is Times Roman, 12, Black. Every now & then – like most of us – I need to change colour of a phase or something (especially when replying to someone and want to differentiate my writings from theirs etc).

It would be nice if my Custom 1 could be my default, but as I say – I’m almost there, with thanks to you guys.

I won’t tick this as Sorted just yet, in case someone comes along to tell me how to make Custom 1 my default.

thanks to you all.

  lotvic 15:23 18 Nov 2012

"It would be nice if my Custom 1 could be my default" If you mean have the blue colour as your default Normal colour then:

I think you'll have to modify the existing normal.dotm to be the same setting you have in Custom 1 (AFAIK you can't swap existing Custom 1 to be the normal.dotm - but am likely to be wrong on that point)

This looks something like what you want: Change Default Font Settings & Styles In Word 2010

To change default font setting, launch Word 2010, navigate to Home tab and from Font group, click small button at the right-bottom of group area.

You will reach Font main dialog, start changing default basic settings. From Font select the font, under Font style select desired style and from Size change size for default font.

You can also set some extra font settings such as, Font color, Underline Style and Color. From Effects, enable different font effects options. You can see all the changes in Preview pane.

When you have it as you want, click on Default at bottom left in Font main dialog box it should then ask you if you want to change normal.dotm to those settings.

Close Word and then reopen and it should open with the changes you have made. With the new 'Normal' colour. If you look in the Styles drop down 'Normal' should be shown in your new colour. (black text is listed as 'Normal + Automatic')

  Furkin 16:08 18 Nov 2012

Hi Lotvic:

As stated above - I don't want blue to be my Default colour - I want it to be a default choice.

When I'm writing a letter, I'll want to change a phrase to blue (the shade of blue that I've had in the past).

I go to HOME & the font colour drop-down list. My shade is no longer there.

As MGMCC suggested, there are a number of 'themes' that I've never looked at before. Initially I thought I was home & dry. Unfortunately, none of the themes have that same blue - its as though Mr Gates has eradicated it from MS !?

Somewhere along the line, I came across a chance to make my own theme, so I made one containing the blue, along with more standard hues. I called it CUSTOM 1.

Next to the Themes box is a Colour button. When I click that button, my Custom 1 is available. As I say - so very nearly there.

When I open a new document, or want to edit an existing one, I have to select CUSTOM 1 every time, to get my choice of colours.

What I'm trying to do, is get my CUSTOM 1 as my default colour choices.


It isn't perfect yet, but I think its close enough to stop you kind people wasting time on my niggle.
I can't believe: i) that I'm the only one that mourns the loss of that great & vibrant blue,,, unless its just cos I can't set it up proper. ii) that there isn't a simple fix.

With thanks to you all, I think I'll call it a day,,,,, unless of course, you know better !


  lotvic 16:17 18 Nov 2012

Ok, fair enough, maybe eventually someone will find out how to change the choice of colours to include custom ones :)

  lotvic 16:24 18 Nov 2012

I didn't see your post Woolwell before I posted my response so mine is reply to Furkin's at 4:08PM.

  Furkin 16:53 18 Nov 2012

I'm sorry WW:

I did follow the link,,, and tried some of the changes, I can't see anything that would help my quest.

I have made my CUSTOM 1 that contains the colours that I want,,,, but it only shows up in Colors (sic) - not in Themes.

If it came up in Themes, I think I could save it as default - but I can't seem to save Colors as defaults.


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