Font change in Outlook 2007

  TN 11:52 26 Dec 2010

I have tried to change the font in Outlook 2007 but cannot succeed: I have used the Help advice to use Options etc but it states that I should then tick Save as Default - however this option does not show on the relevant page. I have also tried under Stationery and Fonts but after selecting Aerial, when I go back to New Email it has returned to Sans Serif! I am changing the font manually each time \i send a new email and it is annoying that this has to be done. Surely there is an easier way. I am running Windows 7 professional with lots of memory and disk space,

  I am Spartacus 13:08 26 Dec 2010

I'm using Outlook 2003 but I believe the process is similar. Tools, Options, Mail Format tab, Fonts button. After making the changes make sure that 'Always use my fonts' option is selected.

  TN 13:49 26 Dec 2010

Many thanks I am Spartacus - my problem is that I don't have to option showing to save my fonts or as it should be in Office 2007, Save as default. I am completely baffled

  I am Spartacus 14:04 26 Dec 2010

I've just installed Outlook 2007. Do you have themes installed? If I go to Tools, Options, Mail Format tab, Stationery and Fonts button then the Theme option is greyed out and the option to 'Always use my fonts is greyed out'. It looks like Themes may need to be installed for that option. I don't see a Save As Default option.

  TN 14:27 26 Dec 2010

No I have tried selecting different themes (Notebook etc.,) but still makes no difference - the odd thing is that when I go into Fonts and Stationery, Aerial is the font showing when I check which font to use. However when I go back to do a new email it is Sans Serif again.

  rawprawn 15:38 26 Dec 2010

Try opening Outlook> Click on Help> Office Diagnostics. Run that Reboot and try again to change Font

  TN 16:25 26 Dec 2010

Success, Rawprawn - Many sincere thanks for this really was raising my blood pressure to dangerous levels as there seemed to be no reason for this happening - but then again this is Microsoft who never need reasons!

  TN 16:26 26 Dec 2010

I should have said thanks to both of you for your time

  rawprawn 16:43 26 Dec 2010

I'm glad that you are sorted, thanks for the feedback. Tick resolved?

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