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  SLIMMERTIF 09:03 02 Aug 2005

Hi there all you arty folks,

I am trying to design a flyer. I am looking for a font that is "hollow" - I would like to be able to write the capital letter N as large as possible, and in the end line have the word HARNESS written inside it, going down.

Does anyone have any ideas how this can be achieved?


  Hamish 09:47 02 Aug 2005

Try here click here

  Diemmess 10:03 02 Aug 2005

Long long ago I bought CorelDrw v 2 ......(a reviewer said of version 3 "Remember the list of things to do while CorelDrw was printing, like grow a beard!")

I still use a later version for exactly your type of work.

Adobe Ilustrator is the graphics industry standard, but there are many other programs which cost less than an arm & leg.

What you need is a good vector drawing program This will do everything you want and more including re-shaping the outline characters if you want.

Older versions of Corel (currently version 12)can be bought for very modest money and all have PhotoPaint (a rival for PhotoShop) as part of the suite. Upgrades are sensible rather than the silly price for outright purchase of the newest.

  fazer 12:43 02 Aug 2005


Very easy to do and in a word - "Word Art" in Microsoft Word.

Make the letter as big as you can, open up the drawing toolbar and add shadows, fill colours or anything else that takes you fancy, then on top of the figure, add some other text again formed in Word art and just place it on top of your original letter.

  GroupFC 13:01 02 Aug 2005

Having just had a play around with this, I agree with fazer, if you have word you have all you need!

  Sans le Sou 13:49 02 Aug 2005

May get Serif Draw Plus or Page Plus off a cover disk, excellent for your job.

  Pesala 14:08 02 Aug 2005

You can dowload Page Plus SE or Draw Plus from click here

Page Plus SE is a cut-down version of Page Plus 9.0 so I'm not sure if it has the ability to turn text into a frame, like PP9 can.

I did this in PP9. click here The letter "i" of the word "Hi" is a text frame, containing tiny text (1pt IIRC).

If you zoom in, you can just about read the text: click here or even further click here to read it easily.

Though you may well be able to do the same in Word Art, I wonder if it will be quite as powerful? Serif Page Plus is quite exceptional for creative graphics work, and also pretty good as a general purpose page layout program. Since there is a free version to try out, it is hard to think of any better choice.

Having created a text frame by converting any curve, one can apply the usual frame attributes: frame margin, background colour, borders, text wrap, etc.

  GroupFC 14:28 02 Aug 2005

"Though you may well be able to do the same in Word Art, I wonder if it will be quite as powerful?" - the short answer (imho), having had a quick look at your links is no! - LOL!

  SLIMMERTIF 08:26 04 Aug 2005

WOW - Cheers all , thanks for such a response. I went to this site here click here and typed in the word I wanted to "manipulate" and looked at loads of different fonts. I downloaded several, but the one I am using is called Jimthorpe.

I have Word, publisher and loads of others that we all collect over the time. When I wrote the original request I had been using word. I have since moved onto Publisher, as I have found I can free rotate the text easier, and with gridlines, it is so much easier to see what I am doing.

Unless we use the programs all the time, we tend to "forget" about them, and what they are capable of, also sometimes what we ourselves are capable of when we put our minds to it!!

Thanks again for all the help and hints

  GroupFC 08:37 04 Aug 2005

Glad you got it sorted - thanks for coming back and letting us know. I have just had a quick look at your "click here" - looks like you could ahve hours of fun there!

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