folders - how do I print a list of all folders

  Rhodie 00:21 11 Dec 2003

I am using windows 98SE and I want a list of all folders & subfolders in My Documents (776 folders).
print screen only does a screen shot so would take forever to get screenshots. Any suggestions? Thought maybe there was a way via system tools/system information but can't find anything?

  pc moron 00:26 11 Dec 2003
  alcudia 08:33 11 Dec 2003

Or here click here

Also has many more features than the Windows Explorer.

  xania 09:05 11 Dec 2003

I think you will find the old DOS commands work best. You can pipe your output to anywhere you like - including direct to your printer i.e

dir /s > prn.

I prefer to out output to a document and then edit before printing i.e

dir /s > dir.doc

then load dir.doc WORD, edit as required and print.

  Rhodie 09:19 11 Dec 2003

I don't know how to work in dos - please give me idiot proof instructions.
I found MS-DOS prompt in my programmes, typed in dir/s>dir.doc but nothing happened.

  alcudia 09:27 11 Dec 2003

If you want it simple the link I provided is to a freeware (if you click the free trial button) utility, which will also act as an improved version of Windows Explorer. From the file menu you can choose to print entire or limited directory trees or the contents of individual folders.

If you don't want to install anything else, you probably only have what is suggested by Xania, which should work. You may have missed some spaces.

  BigMoFoT 09:55 11 Dec 2003

Printing from DOS will only work in certain versions - do you know what version you have. I think it's 6.22 it doesn't work in!

  old-timer 10:39 11 Dec 2003

I use a program called JDIRPRINTER, which is FREE and can be downloaded from click here

  old-timer 10:41 11 Dec 2003

Sorry that link should be

click here

  Rhodie 12:02 11 Dec 2003

Many thanks for all your help - have downloaded powerdesk - brilliant programme.

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