Folders on Desktop will not delete

  dp600 06:58 08 Apr 2006

I have a few folderes that will not delete on my desktop.I have tried in safe mode and also tried a programme called unlocker but no luck. remember reading somwere that i may be able to change some setings in safe mode that might help.
thank You

  rawprawn 08:28 08 Apr 2006

click here scroll down to delete using command prompt

  dp600 08:35 08 Apr 2006

Thank You.

  rawprawn 08:50 08 Apr 2006

See if this is clearer

Click Start, click Run and type cmd then click on Enter, or launch a command prompt window from your Programs/Accessories folder.
Now right click on an empty part of your taskbar then left click on Task Manager. Highlight EXPLORER.EXE then click on End Process. Windows Explorer will vanish from site.
Now in the Command Prompt windows, type this:
cd Press your enter key. This changes directory to the root of C:
Use the cd command to change directory to whichever folder you want to play with, then use the del command to delete it or its contents.
Corrupted files that are accessed by Windows Explorer may often not be deleted, so doing the process using DOS commands in a command prompt window without Explorer interfering with things is the only sure fire way I know of to sort it out.

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