Folders apparently hidden... 98se

  Simsy 17:54 26 Aug 2003

Hi folks,

following a recnt rebuild and re-install of everything I now have everything running smoothly... with the exception of one thing...

Some of my folders are not visible.

The option to "show all files" is ticked.

A couple of examples are;

there is a folder in the at the following address;

C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates\1033

I know it's there because it has some templates in, and it "reveals" itself on a search or the files it contains... but it is not visible in Windows Explorer, (or via the "My Documents" route on the Desktop). Another is contained within the "Temp internet files" folder. It is visible in the left hand pane of Win explorer as being within "Temp Internet files", but does not show in the right hand pane when "Temp Internet Files" is clicked.

Any suggestions as to how to get these visible again?




  Simsy 21:16 26 Aug 2003

Thank you.

I went to the main site to investigate the Pro version..... it's just too dear for me to justify it.

The free version seems to do all I want except "thumbnails" view of images just give a generic Powerdesk pic for each one. Also I cant seem to change to "Save Settings Now" from "Save settings on Exit" in the Options menu. I presume these are limitations of the free version?

I can live with these however as I have a great utility that came free on a coverdisc some time ago that enables easy viewing in this way, "picaview".... as for saving the setting... well I'll get used to it!

I've had a few icon wobbles since installation as well, but the Icon repair feature in TweakUI seems to have sorted that.

Shame that Windows explorer wasn't behaving itself really!

Thanks again folk,



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