Folders & Files missing

  Markisacs 11:30 06 May 2015

I have two computers one runs XP & one is new running 8.1 I had two folders containing video clips, photos etc duplicated, one morning I noticed on the new computer the folder was missing it was about 36gb of data I looked everywhere with no luck, so I looked on the XP computer hoping to transfer over to the new computer only to discover all the videos & photos are zero bytes very strange, can anyone help please.

  lotvic 12:36 06 May 2015

Do you upload/sync to the Cloud or anything like?

there could be several different reasons this has happened so if you can give as much detail of the history of the files and programs, and any changes to your pc, etc etc it would help with troubleshooting.

Have you tried opening one of the programs you use to view the video clips, photos etc and see if any listed in the 'Recent Files' and then click on one to open it. Does it open or do you get a message saying 'file not found'?

  bumpkin 14:14 06 May 2015

If all else fails try this click here

  bumpkin 14:18 06 May 2015

I think that I have posted the wrong link, apologies it does not appear to be the free program that I use.

  bumpkin 14:21 06 May 2015

Try this instead click here

  lotvic 15:35 06 May 2015

bumpkin, that's a quick recuva, from your slip of the paste button ;)

  bumpkin 16:16 06 May 2015

I originally meant "CampicRestor" but linked to something else:-)

  Markisacs 13:07 08 May 2015

-Thanks for your time, my sky storage would only be 15gb this folder contains files, etc. 35gb I have looked & searched everywhere. I did a recovery scan that got 6 or more video clips back but not one photo or documents, On my C drive it says 72gb used space so that would account for the 35gb or 37 GB I have lost.

Like I said I did have a backup of this folder on my older computer & now that folder shows 0 bytes, but I have other folders that are OK very strange that folder disappeared on my new computer & the data gone but files intact on my older one. I also scaned this computer without luck

When I used system restore the folder was not there

  bumpkin 14:08 08 May 2015

What recovery program did you use and did you run it on both machines. If you have not done so I would download CampicRestor and run it on both. You need to be sure that it has finished as it can take several hours depending on your PC. The reason I suggest it is that it recovered over 300 of my photos even after the disk had been formatted, took about 5hrs though.

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