Folder/File data recovery

  [email protected] 10:16 21 Mar 2006

I suppose it had to happen sometime :-( - I have managed to lose some saved folders/files during a re-installtion. Nothing of great importance but rather great inconvenience factor. Can anyone recommend a software recovery tool? The HDD in question has been disconnected and will remain so until I try to do a recovery. Thanks in advance.

  [email protected] 10:18 21 Mar 2006

Sorry - should have searched first but any further comments would be appreciated.

  TonyM 10:39 21 Mar 2006

I have used PC Inspector File recovery software very successfully in the past, to get stuff that had been deleted from both hard drives and USB keys....

see click here

  [email protected] 10:51 21 Mar 2006

Thanks TonyM. I have never used this sort of software before, is it really that simple - just install it and run it? Is it better to do in safe mode etc and presumabley the interface asks you what to do with it when you have found it? Sorry to sound so green but this is new for me. Having made a bit of a mess up I don't want to make it any worse.

  remind 10:54 21 Mar 2006

Simple as that, it will scan your drive and check for deleted items - you just pick what you want restored and select a folder on a different drive to store it to. No guarantees with any of this kind of software though, you may get the filename and correct file size but no useable data in the file itself, depending how messed up your other drive is. Very effective and useful software however.

  [email protected] 10:59 21 Mar 2006

OK remind, thanks for that. Better in safe mode or not?

  [email protected] 13:21 21 Mar 2006

Hmmm, not really as simple as that. I have used PC Inspector File Recovery but to my surprise it found nothing on either of my HDD's! When I click the scan option a little window appears momentarity, I see "BIOS..." etc, it's as though the scan is starting then nothing - just back to the initial window.

  [email protected] 14:57 21 Mar 2006

"PC File Inspector File Recovery" just did not work! The demo version of "Handy Recovery" worked spot on and I see everything I want to recover and more, so at least I know it is recoverable (the demo version permits recovery of only 1 file/day so I will need it for more than the 30days period ;-). I have not bought it yet as I will look at others but at $30 (€25/£18)from the site it appears the cheapest. This post is just for anyone following the thread.

  Marsh Warden © ™ 16:28 21 Mar 2006

click here and look at these freeware tools. I use Smart Data Recovery and it really is as simple as find?recover. Good Luck

  [email protected] 17:00 21 Mar 2006

Thanks Marsh Warden © ™, I will have a look there. I am currently running an evaluation version of "Undelete NOW" but it is taking forever to run and appears to throw up it's findings by single file only. Anyone else following this thread who uses "Handy Recovery" -could they tell me please if it's possible to restore by Folder and not just by individual Files?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:11 21 Mar 2006

File recovery :-
Badcopy Pro click here
CDCheck click here
Disk Investigator click here
PCInspector click here
R_Studio click here
Easyrecovery click here
Testdisc click here
Drive Rescue click here

R studio has been known to produce good results

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